Start Your Digital Transformation

Endian Proof of Concept Kit, start collecting your data from your machines in just a few weeks

Are you ready for the Digital Transformation?

The IoT digital transformation is underway and we believe the Endian Connect & Analyze Platform is a key component to a successful transformation. We also know that this process can be part of a large and long-running project. So we’ve created a quick and easy solution to help jumpstart your IoT digitalization projects with our PoC (Proof of Concept) program.


Endian PoC Platform

The Endian PoC platform makes it easy to (a) collect and (b) analyze your IoT data from your field devices. The majority of the platform is securely hosted by Endian in our safe, secure, reliable cloud infrastructure. On your side, all you need to do is plug in and connect one of our client machines and devices to securely “translate” your IoT data from the field to our analyze platform where you can monitor and build visualizations (dashboards) for that data in real-time. We support a wide variety of IoT protocols including OPC UA, Modbus, Siemens S7 and more. We can also custom implement almost any protocol as well.


How It Works

It’s extremely simple and for most customers can be done in a just a few weeks. The best part is we do almost all of the work so you just need to get your IoT connected and we do the rest, what could be better.


Define PoC

We’ll work with you to define the parameters of your project based on your goals and requirements. Together we’ll define which machine or device should be connected, how the network will be configured, which data should be collected and how to design your dashboard.


Setup & Test

Next we will setup your private test account and send your pre-configured test device(s) to connect to your IoT. In addition we will help do any post-installation configuration to get your IoT data securely collected and build your first dashboard. From here you can easily build custom dashboards and test our platform.


Next Steps

Once you’re done evaluating the PoC, we will work with you on a taking the next steps to move forward with the Connect & Analyze platform to figure out the perfect solution for your customers and your business. Together we’ll plan how to build a scalable solution and implement a roll out strategy.

Benefits of PoC

  • Use a minimal investment to justify your overall IoT project and understand the value of digitalization
  • Collect and analyze machine or device data in your environment with your team
  • Zero setup and infrastructure changes required, we do the work
  • Play around with your data and build your own dashboards to visualize information in new ways
  • See immediate results in terms of potential project and business impact

Endian Digital connectivity main features

See what this complete solution offers to connect, control, analyze and manage all the devices in your network

Development Access (API)

The Connect Platform offers a secure API which can be utilized to build applications that interface or utilize data from within the Switchboard (e.g. support portal, internal applications, etc.).

User Management

Create and manage users and assign them to groups to create role-based access to remote sites and their endpoint devices.

Gateway Management

Create and manage devices and assign them to groups to create role-based access from users and user groups.  Remotely provision gateways using mutliple zero-touch options including Plug & Connect and USB-based deployment.

Endpoint Management

Provision easy access to your endoint devices for each remote site. Assign application profiles to launch applications with a single click from Connect App. Every single endpoint can be reached directly or through its own Virtual IP address.

Application Management

Define any application to make it accessible to users. Integrated application run inside the browser on Connect Web client (no third-party apps required). Application profile assignment to launch applications with a single click from Connect App.

Mobile Access

Utilize Connect Web client which provides support for integrated applications (RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP/S) that run inside the browser and require no external applications.  Support for virtually every platform including desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Multiple zero-touch deployment options are supported including Plug & Connect and USB which allow administrators to centrally provision device configurations that automatically get applied to devices in the field.

Data Collection

Collect data from SCADA devices locally using the Endian 4i hardware including Modbus (TCP/RTU), OPCUA, Siemens S7 and more.  Add your own SCADA protocols to our collector using the easy Collector SDK.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Create completely custom dashboards to visualize remote data in ordinary and innovate ways in order to achieve predictive maintenance.