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Machine / Device Manufacturers

Machine and device manufacturers have many challenges when it comes to the IoT digital transformation. They have many locations and are often globally distributed with numerous devices and device types they need to connect and protect.


  • Secure each machine/device with comprehensive local network security
  • Secure remote access and monitor
  • Real-time remote support and maintenance for machines/devices
  • Ability to OEM (white-lable) the solution
  • Easy integration and field installation with Zero Touch deployments

Smart Factory

The smart factory brings huge value and opportunity but also poses many risks that require attention. From factories all over the world to production line efficiency and security. Also protecting the factory from insiders, outsiders and vendors is paramount.


  • Secure and segment production lines with comprehensive network security
  • Secure and easy remote access to factory and machinery
  • Control vendor access with user and device permission management
  • Integrate with enterprise applications using open API
  • Measure OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Monitor and Analyze Data

Critical Infrastructure

The protection of critical infrastructure not only safeguards economic security but also the physical security of those that utilize the infrastructure. Enabling remote access and monitoring can bring tremendous value but must be done so carefully with high levels of security.


  • Secure and segment locations/devisions with complete network security

  • Secure and easy remote access to remote devices

  • Strong authentication with enterprise features (AAA, 2FA, AD/LDAP)

  • Integrate with enterprise network security products and solutions

  • Built to run On-Premise in highly secured environments

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Endian Digital connectivity main features

See what this complete solution offers to connect, control, analyze and manage all the devices in your network

Development Access (API)

Thanks to API interface it is possible to integrate all the Switchboard functionalities on existing platforms (such as partners support portal). Secured with API Token.

User Management – Users

Automatic VPN account creation for all users that can be members or administrators of an unlimited number of user groups. Can connect to single devices or all devices in a group they have access to.

Gateways Management

Automatic VPN account creation for all gateways (OpenVPN support on the gateway required). Endpoint configuration. Provisioning options for Endian gateways. User/Users group permission management. Exportable logs in CSV format.

Device Groups Management

Can have their own virtual IP pool (configurable). Can contain an unlimited number of gateways. User/User group permission management (connect/manage).

Mobile Access

Our latest software release now supports native remote access from any iOS or Android mobile device.


Secure connections through OpenVPN with one single click to endpoints, gateways or entire remote networks. Open applications directly from the Connect App. Shows connection status of all devices.

User Management – Users Groups

Can contain an unlimited number of users. Permission management for devices and device groups. User permission management (member/administrator of group).

Endpoints Management

Configurable for each gateway. Application profile assignment to launch applications with a single click from Connect App. Every single endpoint can be reached through its own Virtual IP address. Exportable logs in CSV format.

Application Management

Program and URL calls. Placeholders for program paths, URLs and IP addresses. Thanks to application profiles management it is possible to group multiple applications that can be assigned to endpoints.


Endian UTM Hardware Appliance

A complete range of specifically designed appliances integrating our UTM software for the security needs of everyone, from branch offices and industrial facilities to large networks.

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Endian 4i Industrial IoT Security Gateways

The Endian 4i Edge series brings an unparalleled level of hardware performance and features to the Industrial Internet Security and Industrial VPN router market.

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