The latest information and documentation on Endian products.

Switchboard Reference Manual

Switchboard 6.6View manual
Switchboard 6.5View manual
Switchboard 6.2View manual
Switchboard 6.1View manual
Connect Switchboard Reference Manual

4i Edge Reference Manual

4i Edge X 6.6View manual
4i Edge X 6.5View manual
4i Edge X 6.2View manual
4i Edge X 6.1View manual
Endian 4i Edge 6.0View manual
Endian 4i Edge 5.2View manual
Endian 4i Edge 5.1View manual
Endian 4i Edge 5.0View manual
Endian 4i Edge 3.0View manual
4i Edge Reference Manual

UTM Reference Manual

Endian UTM 6.6View manual
Endian UTM 6.5View manual
Endian UTM 5.2View manual
Endian UTM 5.1View manual
Endian UTM 5.0View manual
Endian UTM 3.2View manual
Endian UTM 3.0View manual
Endian UTM 2.5View manual
Endian UTM 2.4View manual
Endian UTM 2.3View manual
Endian UTM 2.2View manual
Endian UTM 2.1View manual
UTM Reference Manual

Hotspot Reference Manual

Endian Hotspot 5.2View manual
Endian Hotspot 5.1View manual
Endian Hotspot 5.0View manual
Endian Hotspot 3.2View manual
Hotspot Reference Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I have a problem with Endian appliance, how do I get support?
First, in order to get support you must have a current (valid) active maintenance subscription on your Endian appliance. Next, you should contact your local Endian partner from whom you initially purchased your Endian appliance. To learn more, please read more about our support process.

2. I am interested in selling and supporting Endian, how do I become a partner?
If you are a business, reseller, system integrator or distributor interested in selling Endian solutions, you can begin the process by completing our initial partner application form.

3. How do I learn about all Endian products and get pricing information?
To learn more about all of our solutions, please start by visiting our Products page and you can get more details for each product line. To get pricing information, please fill out this short sales inquiry form or contact your local Endian sales office.

4. How can I test drive or get a demo of the Endian products?
First, you should check out the appropriate online demo (see below) to get a feel for the Endian features and easy web interface. If you want a deeper test drive, contact your local Endian sales office to request a demo appliance you can run in your own environment (hardware, software and virtual demo programs are available).

5. Where can I find more information about Endian (beyond the documentation)?