EndianOS: Engine for a Secure Digital Transformation

Unlock the potential of your digital journey with EndianOS, the robust operating system designed to meet the challenges of IT and OT convergence in the digital age.

EndianOS is based on Linux, an open source software that offers the possibility to build individual solutions tailored to specific needs. It serves as the backbone of all Endian solutions, addressing enterprise networking needs such as connectivity and management of machines, equipment, networks, devices and users.

EndianOS is the backbone of all Endian solutions, addressing enterprise networking needs such as connectivity and management of machines, equipment, networks, devices and users.

EndianOS Highlights

EndianOS includes several components that, when combined, offer the solutions necessary for a Secure Digital Transformation:

Zero-Trust Architecture

In an era where digital transformation is blurring corporate boundaries, traditional security measures are no longer enough. Enter Zero-Trust Architecture - a paradigm shift. It minimises attack surfaces by fine-tuning access, authorisation and security policies. Embrace a Zero Trust environment for increased compliance and audit readiness.

Enforce fine-grained access and authorization policies to reduce attack surface. Monitor and audit access records for compliance efforts.

Network Visualization

Understanding each network device is critical before deploying a Zero Trust model. Traditional methods are resource intensive. Endian introduces Network Awareness", providing continuous network visualisation. Quickly gain visibility of all connected devices and strengthen your defences against evolving threats.

Monitoring the myriad of digital touchpoints, from service portals to internal databases, is paramount. With Endian, real-time surveillance, anomaly detection, and prompt resolution become the norm.


Micro-segmentation, an integral part of Zero-Trust architecture, creates secure, small network zones. Restricted access increases security by allowing only authorised communication. Enforce strict security policies in each zone and establish secure connections with minimal privileges.

Define network zones and firewall policies to protect critical IT assets and interconnect different segments via secure pathways (NAT & VPN).

Threat Management

In the face of rapidly evolving cyber threats, EndianOS is your proactive defence. Our integration between the intrusion detection and prevention system through deep packet inspection, and Bitdefender's anti-malware engine, enforces robust security policies. Application layer analysis ensures authorised data exchange and blocks unauthorised elements regardless of IP address and port.

Protecting your networks perimeter isnt enough. Proactively detect potential internal threats and neutralize them before they escalate into larger issues.

Edge Computing

Revolutionize data processing with Edge Computing. Decentralise computing at the data source, bypassing centralised data centres. Leveraging Docker and container technologies, EndianOS brings enterprise applications to the edge of the network, extending the reach of edge computing capabilities.

Manage edge applications to simplify software distribution and enable third party software for analytics, monitoring, automation and more.

Components of EndianOS

To implement these solutions, EndianOS includes several components. These provide connectivity, security and infrastructure management:


For innovative concepts such as condition monitoring, continuous data collection is essential. As machines connect, EndianOS addresses potential bandwidth constraints with optimised connectivity features.

  • Multi-WAN: Integrate multiple connections for enhanced redundancy.
  • Policy Routing: Steer traffic matching certain criteria for routing optimization.
  • Bandwidth Management: Enforce usage policies for business-critical applications.
  • High Availability: Minimize downtime with clustering for uninterrupted continuity.


EndianOS is the foundation for successful digitisation, ensuring robust security as devices become more connected, especially in industrial environments where the attack surface for cybercriminals is growing.

  • Firewall: Intuitively secure networks, create rules, blacklist, and control access.

  • VPN: Encrypts data for confidential remote access.

  • IDS/IPS: Scans and halts threats promptly.

  • DNS Filtering: Adds security, empowers data protection, and controls employee access.


EndianOS simplifies device management in the face of increasing network complexity, reducing administrative workload, minimising errors and improving security through automated approaches.

  • Network Visualization: Ensure clarity in complex networks with EndianOS visual tools. Engaging dashboards represent real-time traffic, and the "Time Machine" feature offers insights into past network events.
  • Scheduled Updates: Only up-to-date security tools can effectively combat new threats. EndianOS automates updates for all connected devices, ensuring they are always up to date.

EndianOS - Ready for Your Future!

Enable secure, simple and sustainable digital transformation with EndianOS. Easily scale to larger networks, integrate advanced security features and explore the potential of edge computing with Docker.

Transform your digital environment with EndianOS - your network for a secure future!


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