Endian Events

Follow us and participate in our events. Here is a complete list of the the upcoming and past ones.

Upcoming events

11 – 12 April 2018Digital Evolution. Bechtle Competence DaysInfo
23 – 27 April 2018Hannover Messe – Only at HANNOVER MESSE can you find all the innovations and key players of the connected industry in one place.Info
22 – 24 May 2018SPS IPC Drives Italia – The Italian key event for industrial automation & digitalizationInfo


Past events

30th January – 3 FebruaryExpo Riva HotelInfo
20th February 2016Workshop UTM and Hotspot at Attiva EvolutionInfo
25th February 2016Business Breakfast with Endian at Arrow MilanoInfo
04th March 2016Solution Webinar HotspotInfo
March 2016RoadShow 2016 NextmediaInfo
01th April 2016Solution Webinar Panda Antivirus and SafeSearch enforcementInfo
08th April 2016Minitel Technical WorkshopInfo
06th April 2016Workshop Hotspot at NextmediaInfo
11th April 2016Workshop Hotspot at Arrow MilanoInfo
20th April 2016IT Security and WiFi management event by TelcommsInfo
27-29 May 2016INDELEX Athens – Professional ServicesInfo
07th Jun 2016Endian Partner EventInfo
08 September 2016Endian Hotspot Specialist – Nextmedia WorkshopInfo
21 September 2016Attiva Evolution Incontra – Open Day Attiva EvolutionInfo
04 October 2016Endian Hotspot Specialist – Telcomms WorkshopInfo
07 – 08 October 2016Nextparty – NextmediaInfo
13 October 2016Arrow UniversityInfo
13-15 October 2016SIA Guest Rimini (free tickets)Info
18 October 2016Smart Factory Forum Munich (Endian has been nominated for the Smart Factory Award)Info
4th November 2016Endian’s solution webinar: The new Mini 10Info
24th November 2016Endian Hotspot Specialist –  Workshop NextmediaInfo
29th November 2016Internet of Things SOIEL MilanInfo
29th November 2016Endian Hotspot Specialist – Arrow MilanInfo
29th November 2016Webinar Endian Hotspot – AliasInfo
25th January 2017Webinar Mini 10 – TelcommsInfo
31th January 2017Webinar: incrementa il tuo successo con Endian Hotspot – AliasInfo
01th February 2017Webinar Mini 10 – NextmediaInfo
02th February 2017Workshop Endian Solutions – DistrilanInfo
07th February 2017Endian Hotspot Specialist – TelcommsInfo
15th March – 05th April 2017Nextmedia RoadShow 2017Info
29th March 2017SMART CLOUD EXPERIENCE – Nuove opportunità di business nell’era CloudInfo
30th March 2017Belsoft Infortix Hausmesse 2017Info
7th June 2017Endian Connect come tecnologia abilitante per progetti in chiave Industria 4.0Info
5-6th July 2017SecurityExpo Munich – The objective of the SecurityExpo Munich is to demonstrate the safety and security technology that protects from internal and external criminal attacksInfo
21th September 2017Attiva Incontra: Vivere la Digital Transformation governandolaInfo
03th October 2017Evento Distrilan Cascina Boscaccio, Gaggiano: Presentazione tecnico commercialeInfo
06th October 2017Next Party Milano Marittima: L’imperdibile evento targato NextmediaInfo
19th October 2017Arrow University Pescantina: Making the Ordinary, EXTRAordinary!Info
29th November 2017IOT Conference: Gestione remota in sicurezza e predictive maintenance. Con la tecnologia Endian è in atto il primo passo verso l’intelligenza artificiale protetta.Info
28-30th November 2017WPC 2017: Endian sarà Partner Tecnico della conferenza italiana sulle tecnologie Microsoft.Info
28-30th November 2017sps pic drives – Electric Automation – Systems and ComponentsInfo