Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructures, such as energy, water, and waste facilities, are the backbone of modern society. Their uninterrupted and secure operation is paramount. In an environment continuously faced with evolving threats and digital intricacies, Endian offers solutions that keep these pivotal operations safe and efficient.

Enhanced Network Security

Recognizing the high-value targets that critical infrastructures present, Endian shields these crucial networks using cutting-edge asset discovery, threat detection and response tools, ensuring both IT and OT environments remain secure.

In a connected manufacturing ecosystem, safeguarding the integrity of both IT and OT environments is paramount. Endian ensures a fortified network, keeping external threats at bay while securing inter

Secure Communication

With the interconnectivity of various systems and devices, secure communication becomes a top priority. Endian establishes encrypted communication channels, effectively preventing eavesdropping and potential data breaches.

With the interconnectivity of various systems and devices, secure communication becomes a top priority. Endian establishes encrypted communication channels, effectively preventing eavesdropping and po

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

Addressing a threat early can significantly mitigate its impact. Endian's solutions grant real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring prompt anomaly detection and subsequent actions.

With the integration of edge computing, monitor machinery and equipment in real-time, capturing vital performance metrics and rapidly identifying any anomalies.

Granular Access Control

Different personnel interact with distinct facets of the infrastructure. Endian offers granular access controls, assuring that specific segments are accessible only to authorized individuals, reducing the risk of internal threats and human errors.

Its vital that only authorized personnel access OT systems. Implement role-based access controls, ensuring machinery and equipment remain in safe hands.

Secure Remote Maintenance

Covering expansive areas, critical infrastructures often necessitate remote maintenance. Endian guarantees that technicians and engineers can access systems securely from any location, reducing downtimes and ensuring continuous operations.

Remote diagnostics and maintenance can save time and resources. Ensure these operations are secure, reducing potential entry points for malicious actors.

Edge Computing

Edge computing processes data closer to its source, like OT/IoT devices. For critical infrastructures, this means faster response times, reduced latency, and localized processing, enabling quicker decision-making and more efficient operations.

Edge computing empowers manufacturers to monitor equipment in real-time at the source of data generation. By processing data closer to where it is produced, Endians edge computing solutions enhance r

Compliance with IEC 62443 and NIS2

Adherence to regulations is non-negotiable in the world of critical infrastructure. Endian's solutions are designed in alignment with standards such as IEC 62443 and NIS2, ensuring that operations are not only compliant but also meet top-tier security benchmarks.

Regulatory navigation made simple. Endian’s state-of-the-art solutions are in line with pivotal industry standards like IEC 62443 and NIS2, positioning OEMs favorably in terms of compliance and best p

Protect your Critical Infrastructure

In an era where the seamless functioning of critical infrastructures is synonymous with societal well-being, Endian stands as a trusted partner, blending unparalleled security with operational efficiency.


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