Endian Training and Certification

Endian offers technical certification programs and open-access introductory training to increase your knowledge of installing, managing and troubleshooting the Endian platform.

Endian Security Administrator Training

The introductory course to Endian solutions

Providing a comprehensive overview of the management interface and all the features, ESAT course enables a 360-degree approach to Endian technology and perform installations of the various products in a very effective and independent way.

By achieving ESAT Certification, the reseller acquires the status of Endian Certified Partner and:

  • Receive local opportunities from Endian to make your business grow;
  • Access to Endian Partner Area (for more marketing, sales and technical contents);
  • Get dedicated sales support;
  • Increase your partner quality level;
  • Increase your partner discount;
  • Improve your skills and knowledge base to be more autonomous on technical issues and support.

Cost of Participation

Attendance is free of charge, and certification can be obtained through the purchase of the exam session for 200€, available upon request.

ESAT Lesson Delivery and Participation

The course is online and structured for a duration of one working day in a self paced mode: student can attend the training according to his schedule needs. Successful completion of the test will result in the ESAT certification, required to enter the Certified level of the partner program.

Course structure and contents

  • Intro to Endian: In this exploration, we will delve into three key aspects: our company, the key features of Endian products, and the Endian Secure Digital Platform.
  • Getting Started with Endian: This section will guide you through the initial steps of using our product, from the unboxing and initial setup to getting your device up and running smoothly. We will then delve into the intricacies of the network architecture, offering valuable insights into its functioning. Finally, we will explore network configuration and wizards, simplifying the process of customizing your network to meet your specific requirements.
  • Features overview: Learn more about EndianOS features course section, we look into the comprehensive capabilities of EndianOS, ranging from advanced networking to cybersecurity measures.
  • System and Firewall: In the 'System and Firewall' course section, we cover fundamental aspects of system administration and firewall management. This includes system configuration, access control, intrusion prevention, and effective firewall design, offering valuable knowledge and practical skills for network administrators and IT professionals looking to enhance digital infrastructure security and performance.
  • VPN: We explore Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in depth, covering their principles, and technologies. This course empowers learners, including IT professionals and business owners, with the expertise to effectively implement and manage VPNs for secure and convenient network connectivity.
  • Proxies: In the 'Proxies and HTTPS' course section, we explore the fundamentals of network security and privacy, covering the workings and types of proxies, as well as the importance of HTTPS in securing web communications. This course empowers learners to enhance online privacy and cybersecurity through a deep understanding of these crucial components.
  • Admin and Disaster Recovery: In the 'Admin and Disaster Recovery' course section, you'll learn network administration, disaster recovery planning, logs and monitoring, and backups. Gain insights into user management, system maintenance, and performance optimization, while also discovering how to protect digital assets and ensure network resilience through effective disaster recovery strategies.
  • Hotspot: You'll be guided into the Endian UTM Hotspot feature to know how to setup your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) network and provide quick and secure Internet access to your guests, customers and employees.
  • Final Exam: Request it to your Endian Team!

Protect and connect your Network

Protect your business network from viruses, malware and other threats using the simplest UTM (Unified Threat Management) platform in the industry. The Endian UTM appliance provides total network security including web and email filtering, VPN, intrusion prevention, bandwidth management and much more.

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Secure Digital Connectivity for IoT

The IoT digital transformation is underway and we believe the Endian Connect & Analyze Platform is a key component to a successful transformation. We also know that this process can be part of a large and long-running project. 

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