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Endian’s mission is to provide a secure platform
that connects distributed people and things,
simplifying the digitalization of businesses.

New Endian 4i Edge X

OUT NOW: The new 4i Edge X is the most powerful Endian 4i device yet and supports Edge Computing technology (using Docker).

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21.09.2021 -

Gli standard di cyber security per l'Industria: IEC 62443

Con la rapida diffusione della digital transformation nei mercati industriali, la necessità di cybersecurity diventa fondamentale. Per fornire paradigmi di sicurezza che si adattassero a tutte ...
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The New Endian Mercury Achieves 2x Performance

Endian Mercury is our newest cybersecurity appliance with up to twice the performance of its predecessors (Endian UTM Mercury 50 and Endian UTM Mercury 100) and is capable of meeting the needs of both ...
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