Endian strengthens network security through partnership with ntop

Endian, provider and developer of the Secure Digital Platform, is setting another milestone in network security: thanks to the new partnership with ntop, a specialist in network analysis, users can understand the processes in their networks in order to recognize risks at an early stage.

"As connectivity increases, networks become more complex. Keeping track and understanding exactly what is happening in your network is critical to detecting and responding to cyber attacks," said Raphael Vallazza, founder and CEO of Endian. "Through our partnership with ntop, we can offer our customers an innovative tool for the secure operation of their complex IT and OT networks."

ntop visualizes network traffic in intuitively understandable dashboards. For a 360° overview of the network, ntop collects and aggregates data from a wide variety of sources, such as firewall logs, intrusion detection systems, NetFlow collectors and SNMP devices.

Thanks to their flexibility, ntop solutions can be used on almost all platforms including Linux and Windows. Endian will integrate them into its Linux-based operating system EndianOS, which is the basis of all products in the portfolio. When an anomaly or risk is detected in the network traffic, such as an unusually high level of data exchange between two assets, the cybersecurity features of the Endian Secure Digital Platform are activated.

The Endian Secure Digital Platform provides the ability to secure both IT and OT environments and manage them in a single centralized location. The platform is designed to help organizations manage the increasing complexity of their digital and physical infrastructures while ensuring comprehensive security. 

With features such as network monitoring, firewall protection, VPN access control and the ability to establish a zero trust approach, the Endian Secure Digital Platform provides a holistic solution to the challenges of today's cyber security landscape. At the same time, the security functions enable compliance with the regulations from the NIS2 directive, the IEC 62443 standard and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

"Endian and ntop complement each other perfectly, as both companies follow an open source approach and share the same values, with a focus on user-friendliness and independence from third parties," says Luca Deri, Founder of ntop. "The integration of our solution will further enhance the level of protection of the Endian Secure Digital Platform, providing real value to users."