Industrial IoT Security Gateways

The Endian 4i Edge series brings an unparalleled level of hardware performance and features to the Industrial Internet Security and Industrial VPN router market.

*Maximum throughput measured under ideal test conditions and using multiple flows through multiple ports. Actual performance may vary depending on network conditions and activated services.

EndianOS 4i

At the core of the Endian ecosystem is EndianOS which powers the entire Secure Digital Platform. A security focused operating system built to provide the complete networking, security and connectivity stack in an intuitive and easy to operate solution. The Endian 4i powered by EndianOS is available as a Hardware, Software or Virtual solution.

Secure Remote Maintenance

Provide easy and secure remote access to equipment for all types of users. Deploy seamlessly anywhere with no changes required to remote site networks.

Zero Trust Architecture

Enforce fine-grained access and authorization policies to reduce attack surface. Monitor and audit access records for compliance efforts.


Define network zones and firewall policies to protect critical IT and OT assets and interconnect different segments via secure pathways (NAT & VPN).

Threat Management

Identify and stop advanced threats or malware from infiltrating your network using our multi-faceted IT and OT security toolset.

Edge Computing

Manage edge applications to simplify software distribution and enable third party software for analytics, monitoring, automation and more.

Network Visibility and Monitoring

Network Awareness and visibility to discover connected assets and protect against IT and OT threats. Identify network bottlenecks and track inappropriate activity.

Ruggedized Hardware

Install and connect anywhere with ruggedized hardware and support for many connectivity (4G/5G) and communications (I/O) options.