Complete Security for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0

The Endian Connect Switchboard represents the modern technology link between IT Security and the Internet of Things.

Advanced VPN Technology for IoT Security

A powerful and highly scalable solution that offers advanced VPN capabilities with a simple web-based interface allows all your remote devices, networks and users to be able to communicate seamlessly. Industry standard encryption technology ensures your data stays protected in transit for complete IoT security. Granular role-based access permissions allow users to only get to required resources and nothing else.


Endian Connect App & API

A lightweight, easy to use software client that is highly responsive and can deliver advanced VPN functionality to all your users. Based on user or group permissions, the Endian Connect App can dynamically display the appropriate features the user has authorization to utilize. If you prefer to use or build your own technology, you can utilize the Connect API to build Switchboard integrations into web portals or even roll your own client.



In traditional VPN solutions, there is no support for helping users to identify or link their local applications to remote VPN resources which means users have to remember IP addresses or requires the use of complicated DNS systems. The Endian Connect Switchboard solves this issue by allowing you to specify “application links” which will launch a local application on a Switchboard user’s computer and connect it to a remote resource automatically and with just a single click of the mouse.



The Endian Switchboard Connect platform is the only solution on the market that allows you to leverage your existing network gateway hardware that utilizes a compatible SSL VPN technology (OpenVPN). This can help save time and money and minimize network downtime.


Subnet Mapping

One of the most common challenges industrial networks are faced with is the problem whereby multiple locations have the same subnet, making it impossible to implement a central VPN management tool without significant intervention. Endian Switchboard is the only solution on the market that can seamlessly resolve this routing nightmare, allowing your deployment to go smoothly.


USB Provisioning

With distributed networks that span large territories, it’s common for the IT staff to experience a lot of traveling to deploy network equipment. This takes a lot of time, not to mention incredible cost. With the USB Provisioning tool, devices can be easily pre-configured on a USB stick and shipped out to their location for a simple, secure installation.


Endian Switchboard Edition

On-Premise Edition

Endian Switchboard On-Premise is an add-on module that can be installed into any supported Endian product that provides greatly enhanced VPN functionality including easy management of users, remote network gateways, endpoint devices and even applications. The ideal security solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Choose Endian Switchboard On-Premise if:

  • You want to be the only owner and manager of the solution
  • You want to utilize the UTM features in addition to the Switchboard functionality in a single product
  • You want to buy Endian hardware to run in your own environment
  • You already have an Endian UTM appliance and wish to activate the Endian Switchboard module on it
  • You want a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by owning the product and buying longer terms
  • Have to meet industry and/or government regulations that prohibit you from using a hosted service

Cloud Edition

Endian Switchboard is a product that provides greatly enhanced VPN functionality for IoT, including easy management of users, remote network gateways, endpoint devices and even applications. Endian Switchboard Cloud Edition is a solution hosted within Endian‘s cloud infrastructure that makes it easy to setup and deploy the Switchboard. In addition, it provides a convenient solution for any service provider or reseller who wishes to just package and resell the licenses to the end users.

Choose Endian Switchboard Cloud Edition if:

  • You want the freedom and flexibility to decide how many nodes get activated each month
  • You (or your customer) do not have an IT department or do not want to manage the product in-house
  • You are a service provider who wishes to re-sell Endian Switchboard services
  • You are a service provider who wishes to use Endian Switchboard to distribute your own services
  • You only need Switchboard VPN and do not need UTM features for your customer(s)

Start Your Digital Transformation

  • Use a minimal investment to justify your overall IoT project and understand the value of digitalization
  • Collect and analyze machine or device data in your environment with your team
  • Zero setup and infrastructure changes required, we do the work
  • Play around with your data and build your own dashboards to visualize information in new ways
  • See immediate results in terms of potential project and business impact