The Secure Digital Platform for IoT and Industry 4.0

The simplest and most secure platform for connecting your users and devices


In order to secure every thing you must connect to every thing. Our products support multiple forms of Internet and SCADA connectivity including Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G, Serial (RS-232/485) and DI/DO (Digital Input/Digital Output).  They also come available in industrial form factors with DIN rail mount, desktop mount, 24V DC power input and with support for wide temperature for the most rugged deployments.

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Security is the key to a successful digital IoT transformation. Endian has been a leader in in creating easy-to-use security products for over 15 years.

  • Connect Platform combines secure remote access and comprehensive user/device permission management
  • 4i Edge devices provide powerful network security including network segmentation, complete firewall control, deep-packet IPS/IDS system and layer-7 filtering capabilities

Endian achieves IEC 62443 Certification

Endian is proud to announce that the Secure Digital Platform (Switchboard and 4i Edge X) are IEC 62443 certified for both 62443-3-3 (System Security) and 62443-4-2 (Component Security) at SL2 security level. This certification ensures that customers using the Endian Secure Digital Platform are able to meet or exceed the industry standard for industrial and automation cybersecurity.

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Connect Platform - Remote Access

  • Browser-based client
  • Works on any platform (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • One-click supported apps run inside the browser

  • Traditional VPN client
Full network access

  • Support for Windows & Mac OS X

  • Support for Layer 2 connection to remote network
  • Enables use of on-site PLC programming tools like Siemens, Beckhoff, etc


Given the number of industrial devices and the geographical span of global businesses, you need the tools to make deployment and management easy.  The Endian Connect Platform gives you multiple Zero Touch deployment options including Plug & Connect and USB stick options to cover online and offline remote sites.  In addition, it includes Endian Management Center which provides ongoing device configuration management.


Data Collection

Collecting data from your IoT devices can enable companies to "see" their data in a new way that enables real-time services (support, management, etc) and creates a product feedback loop to enable faster and better product development.

  • 4i Edge devices act as a collector of SCADA data using commons protocols like Modbus (TCP/RTU), OPCUA, and Siemens S7.  It then securely transmits the data to the Switchboard for central storage.

  • The Switchboard (server) securely stores and aggregates data and provides customizable dashboards to view the data in any way desired

Endian Secure Digital Platform Data-Collection


Industrial infrastructure is critical to the core operations of business and requires the highest levels of availability. The Connect Platform provides integrated monitoring capabilities to monitor and alert on virtually anything so business can react instantly to potential problems.

Endian Secure Digital Platform_monitoring


Once you have all of your industrial data aggregated, the next step is to analyze the data in order identify patterns and anomalies that can help predict failures and solve product issues before they become major problems. The Connect Platform can provide dashboards with completely customizable interfaces to show users the data they want to see in the way they want to see it.​



Containers are revolutionizing the IT world with the concept of wrapping applications into a portable and highly available system. The new Connect Platform and Endian 4i Edge X product will now support installing and managing containers at the industrial network edge. This will give businesses unparalleled flexibility to deploy applications in new ways like moving apps to the edge or even using hybrid apps with client software running on your edge appliance saving massive amounts of time and money!

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Endian Anatomy of a Secure Digital Platform

The structure of a secure digital platform in Industry 4.0 is composed of many parts all working together to form a complete solution. This guide explains the most important seven parts of the platform.

Guide to Digitally Transform Your Business.

Industry 4.0? You are just 7 steps away from the digital transformation of your business


Endian UTM Hardware Appliance

A complete range of specifically designed appliances integrating our UTM software for the security needs of everyone, from branch offices and industrial facilities to large networks.

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Endian 4i Industrial IoT Security Gateways

The Endian 4i Edge series brings an unparalleled level of hardware performance and features to the Industrial Internet Security and Industrial VPN router market.

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Endian Digital connectivity main features

See what this complete solution offers to connect, control, analyze and manage all the devices in your network

Development Access (API)

The Connect Platform offers a secure API which can be utilized to build applications that interface or utilize data from within the Switchboard (e.g. support portal, internal applications, etc.).

User Management

Create and manage users and assign them to groups to create role-based access to remote sites and their endpoint devices.

Gateway Management

Create and manage devices and assign them to groups to create role-based access from users and user groups.  Remotely provision gateways using mutliple zero-touch options including Plug & Connect and USB-based deployment.

Endpoint Management

Provision easy access to your endoint devices for each remote site. Assign application profiles to launch applications with a single click from Connect App. Every single endpoint can be reached directly or through its own Virtual IP address.

Application Management

Define any application to make it accessible to users. Integrated application run inside the browser on Connect Web client (no third-party apps required). Application profile assignment to launch applications with a single click from Connect App.

Mobile Access

Utilize Connect Web client which provides support for integrated applications (RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP/S) that run inside the browser and require no external applications.  Support for virtually every platform including desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Multiple zero-touch deployment options are supported including Plug & Connect and USB which allow administrators to centrally provision device configurations that automatically get applied to devices in the field.

Data Collection

Collect data from SCADA devices locally using the Endian 4i hardware including Modbus (TCP/RTU), OPCUA, Siemens S7 and more.  Add your own SCADA protocols to our collector using the easy Collector SDK.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Create completely custom dashboards to visualize remote data in ordinary and innovate ways in order to achieve predictive maintenance.