Endian Management Center Configure Once. Deploy Everywhere

Centrally manage all your Endian appliances. Reduce administrator management time and effort and save valuable staff resources with centralized management.

See Your Network in Real-Time

The Live Map feature is especially valuable within the Endian Management Center by providing a visual representation of your Endian global deployment.


The Perfect Switchboard Compliment

Add true centralized management capabilities to your Endian Connect Switchboard to manage and control your Endian ecosystem.


“Copy and Paste” with Device Profiles

Using device profiles, administrators can create a template of a configuration which can then be assigned to any device to replicate.


Secure by Design

The Endian Management Center was built to be secure from the ground up by only communicating with remote Endian appliances via secure (encrypted) channels and includes secure failover.


Endian Management Center Features


Automatic Rollback

Should anything interfere with a profile deployment, the remote device will automatically revert to the last (previous) working configuration. No user or administrator intervention is required and the Switchboard user will receive a notification of failure.

Centralized Updates

Manage and synchronize all your remote device updates using a central console provided by the Endian Management Center. Additionally, the EMC will auto-update your remote devices prior to configuration changes to ensure synchronized platforms and a smooth update process.

Complete Profile History

View the complete profile history including all the configuration changes so you can track all device history from the Endian Management Center. Track changes and easily identify issues quickly and easily which can save time and effort and reduce your administration costs.

Additional Connect Platform Features


Live Map (View)

Ever wish you could see your remote networks and devices on a map (like the IT department)? Well now you can with our Live Map view. Not only can you see your remote IoT devices but you can see if someone’s connected and/or connect to a device yourself.

Multi-Tenant Solution

Preserve organization, device and user/group permissions inside the Endian Management Center with multi-tenancy. You can easily create multiple organizations within the Connect Platform so you and your customers can use the EMC to manage your Endian appliances.

Build on Our Platform (API)

Need to build your own custom client or maybe even embed it into your platform? Ever wish your customer support and engineering platforms could be deeply integrated with your remote infrastructure? Our complete Connect Platform API opens up worlds of possibilities!


Endian UTM Hardware Appliance

A complete range of specifically designed appliances integrating our UTM software for the security needs of everyone, from branch offices and industrial facilities to large networks.

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Endian 4i Industrial IoT Security Gateways

The Endian 4i Edge series brings an unparalleled level of hardware performance and features to the Industrial Internet Security and Industrial VPN router market.

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