Big Data for Industrial IoT & Industrie 4.0

Build custom real-time dashboards to monitor and analyze data coming from remote field equipment.

Advanced Analytics

The Connect Platform is at the heart of connecting your users and things together which makes it even better suited to store, monitor and analyze all your big or small data components across your remote infrastructure.


Predictive Maintenance

Endian Connect Platform provides the ability to collect data from globally distributed sites. These data form the basis for predictive maintenance and the optimization of machines. Users benefit from reduced downtime and higher efficiency. The result is satisfied customers and decisive competitive advantages.


Secure Connection

At the heart of Endian is security and our passion for this is evident in the Connect Platform. Things like industry standard encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, support for external authentication sources (like Active Directory or LDAP) and so much more.


Easy Management

Our goal is make secure remote access as easy as possible. Endian Plug & Connect feature which enables rapid, centralized remote deployment of field devices over the Internet. A real-time map visualization of your infrastructure makes remote access as simple as point-and-click. Integrated application support allows you to access remote resources using only a browser and works great on mobile platform too!


The Connect Platform Components

Industrial Network (Field)

  • Machine Data Extraction and Automation
  • Local Monitoring and Dashboard (Fog)
  • Secure Connectivity and Data Forwarding

Corporate Network (On-Premis)

  • Centralized Management and Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance and Analysis
  • Collective Dashboard and Intelligence

Build Your Own Connect Platform

  • 1 - Choose Your Switchboard Server
    • Host in your own infrastructure
    • Centralized security available
    • Available as hardware, software or virtual appliance
    • No servers installation/setup
    • Start deploying immediately
    • Convenient low-cost monthly billing option availabl
  • 2 - Choose How to Connect
    Endian Connect APPEndian Connect WEB
    • VPN Client Software
    • Full Network Access
    • Support for Windows and Mac OS X Platforms
    • Any web browser is a client
    • Works on mobile platforms*
    • Utilize supported apps
      * Requires HTML5 Browser
  • 3 - Connect Your Networks & Devices
    HardwareSoftware AgentCustom / SDK
    • Hardware with Endian OS
    • Plug & Connect available
    • Protect networks / devices
    • Indoor & Rugged Models
    • Supported Models
    • Lightweight software client
    • Plug & Connect available
    • Protect devices
    • Windows & Mac OS X
    • Embed client in your product
    • Plug & Connect available
    • Protect devices
    • Modern platform & API