Why should I choose Virtual or Software appliances?

  • Cheaper initial cost
  • Cheaper ongoing cost
  • Recycle dismissed or refurbished hardwares, reduce wastes
  • Scale ⬆︎ or ⬇︎ the resources as necessary
  • Easily create a back-up device (cold spare)

How do I calculate the number of users for Software and Virtual Appliances?

According to Endian EULA articles:

1.10 "Users": Shall mean all users in the computer network which is protected and/or managed through the Endian Product, including without limitation  workstations, clients, servers and devices that communicate through the Endian Product to reach the Internet, as well as VPN connections from  remote VPN clients or from remote VPN gateways (each remote gateway counts as one user).

2.6 "Number of Users". You acknowledge and accept that the number of Users may be monitored by ENDIAN through Endian Network. If the number of Users exceed the maximum possibly provided by the Applicable Additional License Terms, Endian may suspend any support and maintenance services by disabling access to Endian Network, with 30 days prior notice, unless You upgrade Your  license to the new number of Users within 30 days from receipt of Endian's notice. During the period of time from when the number of users has been exceeded to when the deficiency has been cured, Endian shall have no responsibility for malfunctioning or lack of upgrades, unless in the event that Endian acted with malicious intent or gross negligence.

What are the system requirements to build my own server and run Endian Software?

CPUIntel x86_64 compatible / 1GHz minimum (dual-core 2 GHz recommended)
Multi-ProcessorSymmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) support included
RAM2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
DiskSCSI, SATA, SAS or IDE disk is required (8GB minimum 20GB recommended)
Software RAIDFor software RAID1 (mirroring) two disks of the same type are required (capacity can be different)
Hardware RAIDSCSI and SAS RAID systems and controllers are supported
CD-ROMAn IDE, SCSI or USB CDROM drive is required for installation (not required after installation)
Network CardsMost common Network Interface Cards are supported including Gigabit and fiber NICs
Monitor KeyboardOnly required for the installation but not for configuration and use
Operating SystemEndian UTM includes a hardened Linux-based Operating System

Which hypervisor-based platforms does Endian support to connect and protect my virtual networks and infrastructure?

Endian supports all the leading hypervisor-based platforms including VMware, Xen/XenServer, KVM and Hyper-V.

Can I increase my license network size?

Endian licenses have a high scalability: you can upgrade your network size whenever you renew your subscription, according to the needed licensing.


Endian UTM Virtual Appliance

Protect your virtual networks and infrastructure in seconds. Support for all the leading hypervisor-based virtualization platforms (VMware, Xen/XenServer/KVM).

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Endian UTM Software Appliance

Turn your favorite or existing hardware into a full-featured Endian UTM appliance. Scale your hardware resources up or down to suite your business network needs.

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