The Secure Digital Platform for Predictive Maintenance

The Endian Switchboard is the heart of the Endian Secure Digital Platform that provides secure remote access to field equipment, data collection and visualization, edge computing and powerful user and device permission management. The Switchboard can be deployed anywhere (on-premise or cloud) and on any platform (hardware or virtual) and is the only solution to include comprehensive security features throughout the platform.

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    What's NEW:

    • New web management interface with responsive design offers quick and mobile-friendly usability
    • Data Analytics are supported and integrated in a seamless fashion
    • New Connect App (full client) is more tightly integrated with web management interface to simplify user experience
    • New branding control make it easy to select interface colors and logo and are supported globally or each customer (organization)
    • Improved high availability now supports larger clusters (up to 3 devices) and changes can be made from any cluster device
    • The Switchboard 6.0 is built using the brand new Endian OS 6.0 which offers unparalleled performance, security and stability