Stadtwerke Arnsberg: Networking and securing municipal infrastructure

The municipality of Arnsberg, known as Stadtwerke Arnsberg, is committed to digitization. To protect the municipal infrastructure from cyberattacks, the ENDIAN SECURE DIGITAL PLATFORM has recently been implemented. It can be used to network, secure and manage various systems. In this way, the platform also provides an important decrease of workload. Stadtwerke Arnsberg were supported by SPIE OSMO in the introduction of the solution.

As part of the digital transformation of cities, more and more systems that were already in operation long before the internet age are being connected. While connecting these systems can provide enormous benefit, like creating remote access, it also increases the risk of cybercrime.

Only the establishment of a holistic security concept ensures that security gaps are closed without opening new ones.

For this reason, Stadtwerke Arnsberg chose ENDIAN SECURE DIGITAL PLATFORM. Endian's solution can handle a wide range of communication protocols, enabling the networking of heterogeneous assets. The platform provides secure remote access, a management solution for all assets, and a range of security features to protect from cyber attacks.

You can read how the solution works and which assets are connected to it in our latest case study.