Join Us & Become an Endian Partner

The Endian Partner Program is composed of resellers and distributors who are passionate about providing simple and strong network security solutions. Endian is committed to being a 100% channel company which means being an Endian Partner allows your company to offer a competitive solution set without the complexity and hassle of other channel programs.

Authorized Partner

Free & Easy Way to Get Started
It couldn’t be easier to kickstart your partnership — just sign up, get your discount and start selling Endian today!  This program is great for those resellers who wish to “try Endian” before making any big commitments.  There are no fees and your discount is ready after you make your first purchase so what are you waiting for?

Certified Partner

Reap Your Rewards with Endian
Once you’re ready to really sell Endian, becoming a Certified Partner gives you extra benefits like increased discounts, access to more sales/marketing resources and a closer partnership with Endian. You can become a Certified Partner at any time by completing our ECSA certification.

Primary Partner

Achieve Maximum Endian Partnership
The Primary Partner gets the best benefits of Endian partnership including the highest discounts, access to join sales/marketing resources and the most personal relationship with Endian.  Build a long-term and highly rewarding partnership with Endian.

Cloud Security Provider (CSP) Program

The Endian Cloud Security Provider (CSP) was designed to enable a simple and cost-effective Endian software subscription solution to cloud/virtual managed service providers (MSP). This program in particular offers monthly on-demand pricing for Endian enterprise software and/or virtual appliances exclusively to service providers to allow them to offer the best UTM (Unified Threat Management) system available to their partners and customers.

Partnership benefits

PricingAuthorized PartnerCertified PartnerPrimary PartnerCloud Security Provider
Basic Partner discount on Endian productsYesYesYesYes
Additional Partner discount on Endian productsNoYesYesYes
NFR Maintenance free renewalNoYesYesYes
Partner discount on Training & CoursesNoNoYesYes
Dedicated resourcesAuthorized PartnerCertified PartnerPrimary PartnerCloud Security Provider
Knowledge baseYesYesYesYes
Channel ManagerNoYesYesYes
Presales Technical ResourcesNoYesYesYes
Web leads (based on productivity and region)NoYesYesYes
Dedicated HelpdeskNoNoYesNo
Product Development RoadmapNoNoYesYes
ExclusiveAuthorized PartnerCertified PartnerPrimary PartnerCloud Security Provider
Dedicated marketing supportNoNoYesYes
Co-branded PromoNoNoYesNo
Co-branded EventsNoNoYesNo