NIS-2 Directive: How Endian supports your implementation

The increasing digitalization and networking facilitate cyberattacks with sometimes significant consequences for the economy and public life. The EU aims to counteract this challenge and has therefore adopted the NIS-2 Directive. It introduces stricter requirements for IT security for companies in critical infrastructures and several other key sectors.

What's new in NIS2?

  • Significantly more industries are now part of the critical infrastructure sector compared to the original NIS regulation.
  • For the affected industries, NIS applies to all medium and large enterprises with either over 50 employees or more than 10 million in revenue. Smaller companies can also be obligated to implement NIS2 under certain conditions.

Until October 17, 2024, the EU countries have a deadline for implementing the directive into national law.

Learn more about NIS2 and how Endian can help you implement it in the new whitepaper.