EndianOS 6.6.4 Feature Improvement

Feature Improvement - FQDN Network Objects

In one of our latest releases of Version 6.6.4, we've added an exciting new feature to expand support of network objects to include FQDNs (fully-qualified domain names). The new features enhances the previous support for objects which included network subnets, IP address(es) and IP address ranges. With this new feature, you can now create a network object and include host names (e.g. websites like www.yahoo.com) and then use these objects within supported firewall and network routing rules. Behind the scenes, the Endian appliance will automatically add the relevant IP address(es) belonging to those hosts and include them in your specified rules. In addition, we've added intelligence to remember previously seen IP addresses in order to increase compatibility even with complex load-balancing sites. Update your appliance today and check out the new feature for yourself!