Endian UTM 5.2.6 Release

Endian UTM is the simplest and most secure way to protect your network and it’s available as Hardware, Software or Virtual appliances. 

Endian is happy to announce that with the UTM 5.2.6 release, both GEO IP firewall filter and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) features will be updated and improved on all UTM appliances (Hardware, Software and Virtual).


Here are the improved features that you’ll find in UTM 5.2.6: 

  • Geo IP Firewall Filter: network communication on the Internet is based on IP addresses that allow a unique identification for connected devices and are specifically assigned to each country worldwide: Endian enables you to block the traffic from specific countries using firewall rules.
    How to enable and Set GEO-IP
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS): as opposed to IPS, it doesn’t perform a deep packet inspection on the network, which requires the employment of many resources and often causes a reduction in the performance of the throughput towards the Internet. IDS monitors the traffic, marking the suspicious behaviors in the log, which grants greater speed and increases available  bandwidth. The subsequent analysis of the logs, which allows to take countermeasures, is then usually performed by specific tools of various types.
    How to enable IPS/IDS