History and Milestones

Founded in Appiano, Italy in 2003 by a team of experienced network specialists and Linux enthusiasts, Endian’s goal was immediately clear: Develop the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use Open Source Unified Threat Management system.

• • •

Developed utilizing the best open source tools, Endian was able to release its first free-to-use Community Edition alongside its professional product within two years. Since that time, the Endian Community Version has amassed over 1.7 million downloads, making it one of the most popular Open Source UTM distributions.

• • •

As the company’s worldwide popularity continued to grow, Endian expanded on its already comprehensive suite of security features and product portfolio. Endian’s fully-automated captive portal Hotspot solution garnered widespread interest from the hospitality and retail markets and became a significant value-added product.

• • •

Having established itself as a Key Player in the network security product space, other markets begin to emerge for Endian (USA, Germany, Japan, Turkey). Key accounts in government, military, finance, healthcare and education catalyze new development and solution options (Virtualization & Cloud) and Endian sees its target market demographic explode.

• • •

As critical infrastructure migrated to TCP/IP and SCADA network attacks began to create headlines, Industrial organizations started to approach Endian for solutions. Being largely new to networking, SCADA administrators required an easy-to-use product to securely connect to & protect remote equipment that wouldn’t disrupt current business processes. Endian was an ideal solution for this industry.  Over the next few years, Endian would develop a line of products specifically for industrial networks including the most advanced VPN Management tool on the market, the Endian Connect Switchboard.

• • •

The unforeseen number of Internet-connected devices begins to wreak havoc on networks, creating exposures and bandwidth problems for administrators around the world. As organizations scramble to address the Internet of Things (IoT) challenge, Endian sees its market-share grow. Endian’s investment in developing the easiest to use network security product pays dividends for its value-added partners and customers.

Ownership & Employees

Endian is a privately held company.  We currently have around 40 employees and are growing every year.  The founders and current owners of the company include:

  • Raphael Vallazza (CEO)
  • Diego Gagliardo (COO)
  • Peter Warasin (Chief Information Officer)
  • Harry Trettl (Investor / Advisor)
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