Secure Digital Connectivity for IoT and Industry 4.0

The simplest and most secure platform for connecting your users and devices

Easily Manage Users, Processes and Applications

You can now manage users, processes, applications and every aspect of your global network from a single, centralized solution. With features including Connect Web which offers a universal web-based client that supports integrated applications (inside the browser) with support for mobile platforms.


Secure and Remotely Access All Your Devices

Your communications between people, processes and “things” and protect your remote networks from internal and external threats. Our platform utilizes top-notch security applications and encryption technologies to protect your users and business.


“Plug & Connect” Your Machines and Devices

The entire experience from users, guests and third-party vendors to centralized provisioning and administration using our features like Plug & Connect, Connect Web and brand new real-time Dashboard with live maps.


Live Map

Visualize your network like never before using the Dashboard with live maps feature which shows all your remote sites and user activity in real-time.


The Connect Platform Components

Build Your Own Connect Platform

  • 1 - Choose Your Switchboard Server
    • Host in your own infrastructure
    • Centralized security available
    • Available as hardware, software or virtual appliance
    • No servers installation/setup
    • Start deploying immediately
    • Convenient low-cost monthly billing option availabl
  • 2 - Choose How to Connect
    Endian Connect APPEndian Connect WEB
    • VPN Client Software
    • Full Network Access
    • Support for Windows and Mac OS X Platforms
    • Any web browser is a client
    • Works on mobile platforms*
    • Utilize supported apps
      * Requires HTML5 Browser
  • 3 - Connect Your Networks & Devices
    HardwareSoftware AgentCustom / SDK
    • Hardware with Endian OS
    • Plug & Connect available
    • Protect networks / devices
    • Indoor & Rugged Models
    • Supported Models
    • Lightweight software client
    • Plug & Connect available
    • Protect devices
    • Windows & Mac OS X
    • Embed client in your product
    • Plug & Connect available
    • Protect devices
    • Modern platform & API

Endian UTM Hardware Appliance

A complete range of specifically designed appliances integrating our UTM software for the security needs of everyone, from branch offices and industrial facilities to large networks.

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Endian 4i Industrial IoT Security Gateways

The Endian 4i Edge series brings an unparalleled level of hardware performance and features to the Industrial Internet Security and Industrial VPN router market.

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