Endian Community Releases New Version 3.3.2

The Endian Team is proud to announce the new Endian Firewall Community release

Hi to all our Endian Community fans and we've got some great news to share! First we're releasing a huge set of updates that has a ton of bug fixes and minor feature improvements. In addition, we're releasing a new ISO for those who want a new install with all the latest and greatest packages.Last, we're switching our development cycle to use rolling releases which means you guys should be hearing (and receiving "update goodies") a whole lot more from us on a much more regular and frequent basis ;-)


    Released as Updates to Current 3.3.0 Community Users:

    CORE Hardware Support
    CORE-4237 Improvement: Add kernel module RTL8152/RTL8153
    Core Kernel
    CORE-4249 Improvement: Add NVMe support to kernel
    CORE-4266 Bug: Fix igxbe compilation issue
    UTM Proxy: DNS
    UTM-2366 Bug: Onedrive.live.com is blocked by DNS Proxy
    UTM Antispam: SpamAssassin
    UTM-2356 Bug: IMAP training fails if mail is incomplete
    Core Backup
    CORE-4071 Bug: Cannot create backup if the remark field contains only integers
    Core Base system
    CORE-4344 Bug: Body of HA notification mails are sent as attachments
    Core Firewall
    CORE-4335 Bug: setoutgoingfw taking too long to restart, we need to optimize iptables rules using ipset
    CORE-4339 Bug: New PROXYOUTGOINGFW drop traffic on http proxy port
    CORE-4379 Bug: ipsets not created at boot and after update
    Core Uplinksdaemon
    CORE-3999 Bug: Uplinks daemon doesn't set IP from DHCP with long lease time
    Additional (Previous) Packages Released As ISO to 3.3.2:
    Core Authentication layer
    CORE-3133 Bug: Authentication fails is username is numeric and starts with 0 
    CORE-3287 Improvement: Add user IP address to authentication daemon logs
    Core Backup
    CORE-3154 New Feature: Implement pre and post hooks (run-parts) in autobackup.sh
    Core Base system
    CORE-2996 Bug: Fix documentation url retrieving on version transition
    CORE-3318 Improvement: Add crypto module decryption for tcpdump
    CORE-2157 Task: Introduce Python requests library 
    CORE-3320 Improvement: Upgrade to OpenSSH 7.1p2
    CORE-3833 Bug: Missing SSH 7.1 dependency and ssh-dss support
    CORE-3960 Bug: Conntrack not cleaned when uplink disconnect multiple times
    Core EMI
    CORE-2959 Bug: Cannot generate a certificate on the Management GUI
    CORE-3148 Bug: Cannot change language at first boot
    Core Event Notifications
    CORE-3160 Bug: Openvpn login successful event doesn't match log pattern 
    CORE-3164 Bug: Openvpn logout event not matched with some special characters 
    Core Firewall
    CORE-3135 Bug: Typo in Incoming routed traffic source and destination description
    CORE-3941 Bug: Established connections on backup link stop working after main uplink comes back online
    Core Kernel
    CORE-2965 Bug: Paket loss when installed on xen hypervisor
    Core Logging & Monitoring
    CORE-2921 Bug: Sarg retention in monthly cron is not working
    Core Network configuration
    CORE-3146 Bug: Uplink check hosts option are reset after modifying network settings 
    CORE-3170 Bug: Cannot use CIDR /32 or /31 for additional IP addresses
    CORE-3194 Bug: Network Wizard from CLI displays main interface when vlans are in use 
    CORE-3241 Bug: Cannot configure mobile broadband uplink at first wizard
    CORE-3305 Improvement: No GUI error given when a static route with default gateway/CIDR notation is added 
    CORE-3323 Bug: Missing column remark in host configuration
    Core Translations
    CORE-3355 Bug: Italian misleading translation of Snort GUI actions
    Core Uplinksdaemon
    CORE-3343 Bug: Static uplinks have a wrong broadcast and netaddress
    CORE-3815 Bug: Uplink failover when main uplink is PPPoE is too slow
    CORE-3847 Bug: IP address and subnet assigned to physical interface with PPPoE uplink is currently used by Cloudflare
    CORE-4091 Bug: Uplinksdaemon doesn't have to start onboot if HA is enabled 
    CORE-4093 Bug: Uplinksdaemon have to send GARP on static uplinks
    Firewall Community Registration
    COMMUNITY-355 Bug: Appliance asks for re-registration every time a network configuration is performed
    UTM Antispam: SpamAssassin
    UTM-2144 Improvement: fix run_sa_update invocation 
    UTM-2154 Bug: Spam Training uses wrong command for connection test
    UTM-2261 Improvement: Add support for SSL and custom IMAP server port in Spam training
    UTM-2278 Bug: If port is not specified spamtraining imap will not connect
    UTM Artwork
    UTM-2136 Bug: Invalid graphic image for closing button displayed when browsing Firewall Diagrams
    UTM Certificate Management
    UTM-2293 Improvement: Can't import CA generated from Active Directory Certificate Services
    UTM Monitoring, Reporting
    UTM-2108 Bug: Sarg doesn't load language file
    UTM-2105 Improvement: Update SARG
    UTM Proxy: DNS
    UTM-2160 Bug: DNS proxy can be enabled on not active zones
    UTM-2176 New Feature: Let Proxy DNS service to log antispyware blocked domains
    UTM Proxy: SMTP
    UTM-2191 Improvement: Update Realtime Blacklist (RBL)
    UTM Service: Intrusion Prevention
    UTM-2170  Bug: IPS alerts or Drops are not differentiated in the logs
    UTM VPN: IPsec
    UTM-2156 Bug: Missing option in ipsec.secrets template file for green zone 
    UTM-2158 Improvement: Set default DPD action to CLEAR for XAUTH and L2TP
    UTM-2173 Improvement: Add possibility to choose uplink IP on IPSEC Tunnel 
    UTM-2189 Bug: DPD Action always set to restart
    UTM-2267 Bug: Data not removed from ipsec.secrets when ipsec tunnel is disabled
    UTM VPN: OpenVPN
    UTM-2034 Improvement: Increase DH size for VPN 
    UTM-2092 Bug: Push block-outside-dns from OpenVPN Server
    UTM-1888 Bug: VPN Connections are not shown
    UTM-2166 Bug: Add verification on OpenVPN's IP pool range
    UTM-2168 New Feature: OpenVPN bridged instance can't set virtual IP pool range on second subnet
    UTM-2200 Bug: OpenVPN job crash due to purple_ip_begin parameter handled as mandatory 
    UTM-2203 Bug: Cannot change OpenVPN instance from TUN/TAP
    UTM-2246 Bug: Purple ip range is validated also in not bridged instances 
    UTM-2249 Bug: The purple subnet for the default Openvpn server is wrong 
    UTM-2263 Bug: Cannot disable channel encryption to OpenVPN instances