Endian Firewall Community 3.3 released

The Endian Team is proud to announce the new
Endian Firewall Community release.

The latest release brings to our popular open source firewall many features: together with a new kernel that boosts performances and security, EFW 3.3 comes with an improved certificate management and Let’s Encrypt integration. You also get the possibility to remove kernel modules bundled within the system.

Download Endian Firewall Community 3.3

Here are other key features

Core Backup
 CORE-2608 Improvement: Add an option to GUI setting for the Management GUI HTTPS certificate

Core Hardware support
 CORE-2783 Improvement: Add kernel module rndis_host for LTE modem

Core Kernel
 CORE-2331 Improvement: Upgrade to kernel 4.4
 CORE-2777 Improvement: Add possiblity to remove SIP netfilter kernel modules

Core Network configuration
 CORE-2569 Bug: Support driverless 4G USB dongle
 CORE-2765 Bug: Add support for driverless 4G usb modems to products

UTM Certificate Management
 UTM-2013 Task: Sign certificates with Let’s Encrypt

No need to say, this new image includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes as well.
For more details, please see the changelog.

Happy installing!
Your Endian Team