Endian Maintenance

Maintenance ensures that your Endian appliance is always as secure as possible with both the security subscriptions (IPS signatures, anti-virus, web and email security) and critical system updates.  Endian maintenance also includes feature updates and platform upgrades which means your appliance keeps getting better and better over time.

What is Endian Maintenance

Endian Maintenance is a yearly subscription associated to any Endian product that provides constant updates, upgrades and technical support.
What’s Included with Endian Maintenance?

  • Endian Network: A centralized portal to monitor and manage all of your Endian UTM devices. If one of your Endian UTM devices has hardware or software service issues, Endian Network will alert you so you can react fast and mitigate issues before they cause significant problems. A great tool for Endian resellers as well since it also allows you to completely manage user administration and determine Endian Network access you (as a reseller) provide to your customers.
  • Endian Updates: Keep your Endian UTM devices as up-to-date as possible to protect your networks and users from modern day threats. This includes all Endian UTM security services like antivirus, intrusion detection signatures, and URL blacklists (content filtering). Just as importantly, Endian maintenance includes all security updates to every Endian application so that you can keep your network safe from security vulnerabilities.
  • Endian Upgrades: Why is Endian the best open source UTM on the market? It’s simple, we’re always looking to make our product better and enhance the functionality of our software whether it’s through our own development or utilizing the power of the Endian (and open source) community! With Endian Maintenance, you get each and every upgrade and improvement we make to our product and Endian Network makes the deployment to your device(s) as simple as point-and-click.
  • Endian Support: Endian Support is comprised of the best partners who are devoted to supporting the rapidly growing number of Endian UTMs all over the world. We offer a broad selection of support options that range from a standard support package to our premium support services.

Maintenance Packages

A maintenance package is is required with every new Endian purchase and is offered in 1 or 3 year terms.  We offer two different maintenance package levels, Standard and Premium, each with their own terms (see below) so you can choose the right maintenance for your business.

Security UpdatesYesYes
Firmware UpgradesYesYes
Antivirus signaturesYesYes
Content filter URL blacklistYesYes
Endian Network – Management portalStandardPremium
Centralized updatesYesYes
Remote access and system managementYesYes
Support optionsStandardPremium
Coverage 8×5 (see local office business hours)YesYes
Lifelong Hardware warranty extensionYesYes
High priority ticket processingNoYes
Hot Replacement RMA (Next Business Day) *NoYes
Customized services and Support SLANoYes

Why should I renew the Maintenance?

Endian UTM solutions are a core piece of your network and security infrastructure and as such should always be kept updated for both security subscriptions as well as from a system level.  In addition, our constant development updates help to provide new technologies for your Endian UTM to address the ever-growing network traffic types and Internet threats.
Reasons to renew and keep your Endian maintenance subscription up-to-date:

  • Functionality – You get new functionality to manage and control new and evolving network trends and internal/external threats.
  • Security – Since Endian is a network gateway appliance, security is of the utmost important to your business and users. Keep your network safe and protected by keeping your security subscriptions like IPS, anti-virus, web and email constantly updated.
  • Compliance – Ensure your compliance with industry and government regulations by keeping your gateway appliance as secure and up-to-date as possible which can prevent potential compliance violations or complications.

Endian - End Of Life

As Endian solutions are constantly evolving towards more performing and more efficient platforms, we periodically announce End of Sale and End of Life cycles milestones, along with the recommended migration path to the latest generation replacement product.