Are you ready for the Digital Transformation?

The IoT digital transformation is underway and we believe the Endian Connect & Analyze Platform is a key component to a successful transformation.

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How It Works

It’s extremely simple and for most customers can be done in a just a few weeks. The best part is we do almost all of the work so you just need to get your IoT connected and we do the rest, what could be better.

Define PoC

    We’ll work with you to define the parameters of your project based on your goals and requirements. Together we’ll define which machine or device should be connected, how the network will be configured, which data should be collected and how to design your dashboard.

Setup & Test

    Next we will setup your private test account and send your pre-configured test device(s) to connect to your IoT. In addition we will help do any post-installation configuration to get your IoT data securely collected and build your first dashboard. From here you can easily build custom dashboards and test our platform.

Next Steps

    Once you’re done evaluating the PoC, we will work with you on a taking the next steps to move forward with the Connect & Analyze platform to figure out the perfect solution for your customers and your business. Together we’ll plan how to build a scalable solution and implement a roll out strategy.

Endian PoC Platform

The Endian PoC platform makes it easy to (a) collect and (b) analyze your IoT data from your field devices. The majority of the platform is securely hosted by Endian in our safe, secure, reliable cloud infrastructure.

Request a PoC Kit Now

The Connect Platform Features


  • Secure connections through SSL VPN (OpenVPN)
  • Connect with a single click to endpoints, gateways or entire remote networks
  • Connect Web: Open supported applications directly in browser
  • Connect App: Open any application directly from the client
  • View connection status for all devices (online/offline)
  • View which user(s) are connected to an endpoint/gateway
  • Expand/collapse view of endpoints for custom views (or apply to all)

User & Group Management

  • Support for individual users and/or user groups
  • User can be member or administrator of unlimited user groups
  • User can connect to single device or all devices in device group
  • Permissions:
  • Superuser (Admin)
  • Access to sub-organizations
  • User group management
  • Device group management
  • Application management
  • Organization management
  • API access
  • Network routes to Switchboard
  • Endian Network account data for gateway registration (provisioning)

Device & Group Management

Support for:

  • Gateways: Network devices connecting via VPN (OpenVPN required) and/or
  • Endpoints: Any IP-enabled devices that can be (a) connected to a gateway or (b) directly connected to Switchboard via Connect Agent or Connect SDK


  • Automatic account creation for each gateway created
  • User and user group permissions management (connect/manage)
  • Gateway can be a part of unlimited number of device groups
  • Assign to specific organization or sub-organization
  • Manual device (gateway) creation or create via provisioning
  • Assign endpoints which are connected to gateway
  • Port forwarding to support redirecting field equipment communications to central site
  • Exportable logs in CSV format


  • Support single or millions of endpoints per gateway
  • Support for using virtual or real IP addresses
  • Support for endpoints without default gateway (SNAT)
  • Assign application profile (group) per endpoint
  • Exportable logs in CSV format


Support for:

  • Plug & Connect: To remote deploy gateways over the Internet
  • USB Stick: To remote deploy using USB stick in the gateway

Plug & Connect

  • Allows any Internet-connected remote gateway or endpoint to automatically create secure connection to the Switchboard
  • Supports automatic Endian Network registration
  • Define remote Endian appliance passwords
  • (Optional) Push network info to remote Endian appliances
  • Supported by Endian hardware, software or virtual appliances
  • Supported by Endian Connect Agent or Connect SDK

USB Stick

  • Allows any Endian hardware appliance to receive basic networking info and automatically create secure connection to the Switchboard
  • Supports automatic Endian Network registration
  • Define remote Endian appliance passwords
  • Define remote Endian WAN, LAN and DMZ networks
  • Define port forwarding and Source NAT rules
  • Define custom OpenVPN server IP, port and protocol
  • Define OpenVPN tunnel over HTTP proxy

Application & Profile (Group) Management

  • Support for defining access to any application
  • For each application definition specify integrated vs external
  • Integrated applications (RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS)
  • Support for advanced options of integrated applications
  • Custom applications for both Windows & Mac
  • Support for any TCP, UDP, TCP+UDP application
  • Support for profiles which are groups of applications
  • Profiles can be assigned individually to each endpoint

Organization Management

  • Support for parent and sub-organizations
  • Define exclusive access option on gateway or endpoint level (or leave disabled) per organization
  • Define max number of users per organization
  • Define max number of gateways per organization
  • Enable API access per organization
  • Define Endian Network registration per organization
  • Choose to add default application/profiles per organization

API Management

  • Secure API using HTTPS and authentication
  • Additional API token required for all requests
  • Can be enabled globally or per-organization
  • Superuser API for full read/write access
  • User API for restricted access
  • Activate or deactivate user/gateway connections
  • Activate or deactivate user/endpoint connections

Switchboard Configuration

Support for:

  • On-Premise: Run the Switchboard on any supported Endian appliance in your own infrastructure
  • Cloud Hosted (by Endian): Switchboard server is provided by Endian and connect your own users, devices and/or endpoints


  • Multi-tenancy option with support for sub-organizations
  • Full control over OpenVPN server, modes and options
  • OpenVPN fallback support through multi-server configuration
  • Virtual IP support for simultaneous connections to endpoints with the same IP address
  • Virtual IP pool(s) configurable globally or per organization
  • Support for multiple authentication backends (Local, LDAP, Active Directory, and RADIUS)
  • Integrated support for one-time passwords through TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password)
  • Support for VPN connection health check (interval and timeout)


  • Multi-tenancy option with support for sub-organizations
  • OpenVPN fallback support available (TCP 443 & UDP 1194)
  • Virtual IP support for simultaneous connections to endpoints with the same IP address
  • Hosted in Amazon Cloud for performance and reliability

Client Applications

Support for:

  • Connect App: VPN client software which offers full network access and support for integrated and external applications
  • Connect Web: Web-based client that support only integrated applications and works on any platform (with HTML5 browser)

Connect App

  • Native client available for Windows and Mac OSX
  • Choose to run integrated applications (inside app) or external applications (launch external local apps)
  • Manage users, devices, applications, organizations and settings from within the client
  • App views restricted based on user permissions
  • Option to start automatically on computer start-up
  • Automatic reconnection on failure
  • Support for connection through HTTP proxy (Basic/NTLM auth)
  • Includes integrated automatic app updates
  • Connection profile management for both Switchboard and OpenVPN connections
  • Integrated log viewer with ability to export to file/clipboard

Connect Web

  • Web-based client (requires HTML5 browser only)
  • Supported on virtually any platform including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and more
  • Integrated applications (RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS) run inside the browser and require nothing to be installed on client
  • Manage users, devices, applications and organizations from within the client
  • App views restricted based on user permissions

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