Endian Connect: maximum security and connectivity for the industry 4.0

Production facilities, machineries, mobile devices: in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and of Industry 4.0 the number of connected devices sharing data is constantly increasing. Every new point added to this growing communication network exponentially increases the risk of attacks originating from internet.
Endian, a leading provider of security systems for the Industrial Internet of Things, offers the right solution to deal with all the growing dangers faced by the Industry 4.0: Endian Connect suite is the complete and ideal solution to protect industrial communication and guarantee the remote maintenance of all kind of machineries.

“Compared to traditional products, Endian Connect ensures maximum scalability”, explains Raphael Vallazza, CEO of Endian. “This solution allows to attach an infinite number of endpoints via a secure VPN connection – no matter the operative system used. Endian Connect is already being used successfully all around the World by different players, such as Caterpillar, Liebherr and IL Werfen”.

The central element of the solution is Endian Connect Switchboard, through which the access privileges are assigned and subsequently the operations in the whole network are monitored. Depending on their assigned role, single or group users could access specific devices. At the same time these devices are set up to show users only the applications for which they are authorized. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface contributes to reduce administrative burden and thus overall managing costs.

After the configuration phase, users can access the machines and applications with which are enabled to operate using the Endian Connect App. Customers wishing to use their own tool could use the APIs provided by Endian, integrating the Switchboard in a pre-existing infrastructure. When the user log in it is automatically established a VPN connection which guarantees the security of communications.

In addition to the centralized management tool Connect Switchboard and to the Connect App, another key element of Endian’s solution are the security gateways which have the purpose of protecting installations from threats and attacks coming from outside.
Depending on the environment in which they operate, it is possible to adopt a different kind of Endian appliances. With industrial or automation IT installations the choice falls on the Endian 4i series. On the other hand, the UTM Endian gateways are the perfect fit both for the needs of small and medium sized companies, and for the requirements of larger and complex networks, specific of bigger enterprises. Both the 4i and the UTM devices can be easily integrated into any existing network infrastructures.



Flexible Implementation: inside one’s own data center or in cloud

Relating to the company’s dimension, the customer can decide which Endian Connect solution is more suitable. When its a small to medium size activity usually are preferred Endian in cloud solutions, while bigger companies usually select the in-house solution, installed directly into their own data center.

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Endian Connect is being successfully used by leading companies for the management of industrial communication and remote maintenance of their plants.