Hotspot Management

Endian Hotspot Hardware Solutions

The Endian Hotspot series is conceived to provide easy, fast and stable Internet access. The hardware models come in different sizes to support between 50 and 1500 users and fit the need for secure connectivity and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management of small and large enterprises, hotels, stores, public venues and many others.

Hotspot HardwareHotspot 150Hotspot 500Hotspot 1500
Endian Hotspot 150Endian Hotspot 500Endian Hotspot 1500
Available Subscriptions (user)up to 150up to 500up to 1,500
Throughput250 Mbit/s500 Mbit/s3 Gbit/s
Concurrent Sessions300,000500,0002,500,000
CaseDesktopRack 1URack 1U
Dimensions44mm x 232mm x 153mm44mm x 430mm x 260mm44mm x 430mm x 400mm
Weight1.1 kg5 kg8 kg
Memory2 GB4 GB8 GB
Storage1x 320 GB HDD2x 320 GB HDD Raid2x 500 GB HDD Raid
Networking4x Gigabit Ethernet6x Gigabit Ethernet8x Gigabit Ethernet
LAN Bypass2 Pairs4 Pairs
Power Supply40W External65W Internal250W Internal
LCD DisplayYesYes
Hardware Warrantyincluded in maintenanceincluded in maintenanceincluded in maintenance
More DetailsMore DetailsMore Details

Hotspot Virtual Solutions

Keep all the benefits of your virtual infrastructure

The Endian Hotspot Virtual is the ideal Internet access solution for companies that virtualize all their IT applications. The appliance, fully compatible with the most popular hypervisors and available in different sizes, offers the same features and performances as the hardware appliances of the same size.

Endian Hotspot Virtual

System Requirements
CPUIntel x86_64 compatible / 1GHz Minimum (Dual-core 2 GHz Recommended)
Multi-ProcessorSymmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) support included
RAM2GB Minimum (4 GB Recommended)
DiskSupport for full virtualization and paravirtualization / 20GB Minimum (50 GB Recommended)
CD-ROMPhysical and virtual drives as supported by the hypervisor
Network Cards3 Virtual NICs Minimum / Support for full virtualization and paravirtualization
Operating SystemEndian UTM includes a Hardened Linux-based Operating System
Hypervisorsok_xen ok_vm-ware ok_kvm ok_hyperV

Endian Hotspot main features

Service Customization

  • Freely configurable home page after successful login
  • Completely customizable welcome page and printed user
    information through a user friendly visual editor
  • Personalized list of public Web sites that do not require


Account Management

  • User information management definable according to your needs
  • Printable account data in order to let your customers connect
    easily and quickly
  • Account activation and deactivation possible at every moment
  • Account expiration time definable as you prefer
  • Real-time monitoring of the account balance
  • Configurable payment metrics according to the needs of
    your business
  • Account search and filtering options for optimal account management,
    especially in case of big infrastructures and high numbers
    of connections
  • Bandwidth restrictions per user in terms of download and upload speeds in kb/s
  • Account import from existent lists and archives through CSV files


Access Monitoring

  • Single user access tracking (e.g. with login and logout time stamps)
  • Export of access information through CSV files

Ticket Definition

  • Pricing metrics definable by typology (time or data quantity)
  • Billing metrics definable by typology (prepaid, postpaid, and free connection)
  • Traffic limitations for every single ticket
  • Ticket hourly price configurable and changeable with ease
  • Quick-Ticket feature for creating accounts and tickets with a single click


Security and Firewall

  • Protocol and Internet address filter for secure Web browsing
  • Content filter for inhibiting access to illegal or unwanted Web sites
  • Fully integrated anti-virus protection when browsing the Web
  • Activation and deactivation of the connection possible at every moment


Third-party Products

  • Open APIs for an easy and complete integration with third-party software (e.g. with systems for the automatic creation of accounts and billing)
  • Native integration with ASAjHotel™