New images for the Endian UTM Software and Virtual security gateways

The Endian UTM Software and Virtual have been upgraded: the biggest news is the support for Microsoft Hyper-V, which means that today the Endian UTM Virtual appliances run on all major hypervisors.
Moreover the hardware compatibility has been vastly extended for the Software appliances and now supports the most recent hardware platforms. In conclusion. the performance of various services has been significantly increased: the biggest improvement has been achieved in the Intrusion Prevention System, whose throughput is now up to 7x higher than previously.

The new products’s figures
Here is a short list of the performance improvements:
Firewall: + 75%
VPN (OpenVPN): + 18%
Webfilter: + 61%
Antivirus: + 57%

All the recently announced features are also available for the new UTM Software and Virtual appliances.