The NEW Endian UTM Mercury 50 WiFi

The Ultimate SMB Network Security Appliance is Here

From July 15 2019 one of our best selling models, the Endian UTM Mercury 50, will be available with integrated 802.11ac WiFi to provide the fastest and most powerful all-in-one SMB security gateway.

Choose this powerful security appliance for your mid-size networks to provide your users with network management and protection. In addition you can create multiple wireless networks to support any requirements for public and private wireless access with support for the latest security standards (WPA2 Personal/Enterprise).
Turn on the Endian Hotspot feature to enable a powerful captive portal solution for your WiFi guests providing convenient and secure BYOD network access.


READ THE WHITEPAPER: Endian UTM Mercury 50 WiFi controlled internet access for guests, visitors and contractors.

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