Endian’s SafeSearch Enforcement

Many organizations have attempted to protect their users from exposure to indecent content, so a web filter has been the required tool for the job. But simply denying access to inappropriate websites does not prevent potentially lewd and offensive images from being returned on a search inquiry. Endian’s new SafeSearch Enforcement overcomes this challenge and helps to keep illicit content off the network.  

How does it work? Most major online search engines include a SafeSearch feature which filters unsuitable content and returns “safe” results. But enabling this feature has always been a “user option”. Endian SafeSearch Enforcement works by enabliing the SafeSearch feature of these engines at the gateway.

Because SafeSearch Enforcement is tightly integrated with its web filtering engine, businesses now have control over online search results and can confidently allow access to those search engines.

By enabling SafeSearch Enforcement, administrators can effectively regulate content being delivered to sensitive users such as students and minors. Most importantly, this feature is included for no additional cost with any of Endian’s UTM and Hotspot series of products.