Endian Switchboard: Revolutionizing Machine-to-Machine communication

Endian is pleased to announce the all new Switchboard 3.0 release today.

This release furthers our vision of enabling simple and secure communication among a large, diverse global network of connected devices and machinery.

The new  Switchboard 3.0 is a powerful VPN concentrator that can scale to thousands of secure remote connections and act as a control panel that manages granular access between users and endpoint devices. This solution provides an easy, logical structure that allows one to create different roles and profiles for users, add users to groups by role and even arrange endpoint devices into groups.  The result lets technical staff, support teams, third-party vendors/contractors and telecommuters simply and securely access only the machines necessary for their job role which helps to eliminate accidental or malicious devices access and/or interruption.

This solution can also reduce exposure to data loss and corruption at the network layer with user authentication and strong encryption and at the endpoint layer by locking down endpoint access to a single user at a given time.  Just like the previous release, the Switchboard requires no advanced IT skills to deploy and manage. In addition, the solution provides for easy integration of Switchboard functionalities into corporate portals or intranet sites using our advanced Switchboard API.  These and other features make it the ideal solution to enable M2M communication in any field:  advanced home automation, continuous monitoring of medical equipment, setting and caring of critical industrial machines and much more.

The performance of the new Switchboard takes advantage of the recent refresh of Endian 4i industrial hardware (launched in September 2014).