Endian supports Small and Medium Businesses


As a medium-sized company itself, Endian enthusiastically supports SMB and understands their everyday challenge in growing their businesses.

It’s not uncommon for SMB to compromise or completely ignore the importance of network security. Many are faced with a wide variety of other “pressing” issues: fulfilling multiple roles within the company, limited financial resources, competing against heavily-branded organizations, etc.

By securing their network and providing easy-to-use network management tools, Endian helps insure business continuity so SMB can focus their efforts toward revenue-generating activities.

Our SMB flagship products are the Mini 25, Mini 25 WiFi and Mercury 50 which provide the complete suite of Endian Unified Threat Management features. Each of these provide comprehensive protection against any network intrusion that might cripple a small or medium-sized business.

You can buy the Mini 25, Mini 25 WiFi and Mercury 50 till 30th December 2016 at an incredible discount:

Endian UTM Mini 25Endian UTM Mini 25 WiFiEndian UTM Mercury 50
Endian UTM Mini 25 - The new generation of UTM hardware appliancesEndian UTM Mini 25 - The new generation of UTM hardware appliancesEndian UTM Mercury 50 - The new generation of UTM hardware appliances
Official price list (hardware)575 €675 €1.175 €
Promo Price (hardware)*475 €575 €875 €
Mini 25 DatasheetMini 25 WiFi DatasheetMercury 50 Datasheet

In addition to a full-featured security solution, these products include Endian’s popular automated captive portal Hotspot solution, giving SMB more tools to generate revenue opportunities!

*The promotional discount is applied to the hardware appliance only. Maintenance packages, software or virtual appliances are not included. The promotion cannot be combined with any other promotional or special pricing.