Endian inked distribution agreement with Hemisphere Technologies

Hemisphere Technologies has announced a new partnership with Endian, a leading global developer of enterprise and commercial Unified  Threat  Management (UTM)  solutions.

Hemisphere Technologies, an Australia and New Zealand based distributor of IT security solutions, says the partnership allows it to target some of the strongest sectors of the economy, as well as allow customers in the hospitality industry to address some of the IT security issues to hit the headlines recently.

Endian’s capabilities across specific vertical markets will allow it to translate its expertise in industrial network security solutions to target the mining and energy sectors, as well increase its foothold in the education services industry.

“We’re focused on expanding our portfolio of product offerings in a way which gives each of our vendors the space to roll out an effective local channel strategy. The cyber security stories coming out recently have left a mark on customers across ‘non-traditional’ sectors, and we’re ready to offer them auxiliary IT consumables and products based on readily identifiable international standards, in addition to a core group of specialist technologies,” Peter Phokos, Hemisphere Technologies’ managing director, said.

Endian’s two-pronged approach offers scalability to the local market. Home users can enjoy the free open source commercial Linux-based security gateway OS – called Endian Community Edition –, whereas small-medium to large enterprises that requires technical support and advanced  modules (including Hotspot and Advanced Content Security packet) are well served through Hardware, Software and Virtual fee-charged appliances.

Nigel Hedges, Hemisphere Technologies’ general sales & technical manager, said that in examining today’s firewall/UTM market from a technical product perspective, they were looking to offer the channel a clear winner that combined best-of-breed open source technology and heritage, with a sturdy commercial offering.

”What appealed to us about working with Endian technology is the ability to cover everything from a five-member organisation, through to multiple thousands of corporate employees. There is a vast array of security features built-in, while giving companies the architectural freedom to deploy the hardware appliance, software and virtual options depending on their needs.”

Endian says its existing customer base of over 4,000 organisations spanning over 50 countries, provides it with a strong foothold for the rollout of its UTM appliances across heavy industries with a highly dispersed workforce.

“When looking at channel considerations, our first step is to see how our global experience translates to the local market. The A/NZ market fits perfectly with our product offerings because of the nature of our experience across remote energy and mining communities. Our focus on energy efficiency, which makes up a big part of our industrial product range, also allows companies to balance their emissions output with solutions which are designed to withstand various temperature variations,” said Raphael Vallazza, CEO of Endian.