Introducing the Endian Hotspot Appliance



Endian is excited to announce a new product series dedicated to wireless Internet connectivity.

Since its initial release, the Hotspot module has been a key feature in the Endian UTM software stack. By popular demand, Endian is releasing a family of stand-alone Hotspot products to address the increasing requirement of wireless guest access management.

The series includes three hardware and three virtual appliances, designed to accommodate small to large user networks.

Endian Hotspot has been wildly popular for hospitality and retail as well as high traffic areas. The fully automated wireless guest access solution offers customizable and simple user authentication with a wide variety of management tools like content filtering, application control, quality of service, payment integration, social login, bandwidth-based tickets and much more!

A highly anticipated use for the Hotspot solution is leveraging it as a marketing tool. The product presents opportunities for businesses to generate revenue by using the advertising space, default landing page, client sign-up information acquisition or premium (paid) tickets.

The incredible starting price for the entry level appliance is €599.

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