Endian and Cloud4wi partner for a powerful Hotspot

Endian and Cloud4wi partner for a powerful Hotspot

Endian, one of the first Unified Threat Management (UTM) vendor to integrate the Hotspot module in its security appliances, and Cloud4Wi, leading provider of cloud Wi-Fi solutions, announce today their technological partnership.

Endian and Cloud4Wi solutions are complementary:  “Endian stands out since the very beginning for the Hotspot management. Thanks to its captive portal and the integration with different ERP’s, our solution is able to control and protect Internet connection for corporate networks as well as Wi-Fi for hotels guests. Our core target includes institutions such as university campus, schools, libraries and municipalities. Cloud4wi adds to Endian Hotspot a cloud and social component that helps us in giving a more dynamic reply to the public Wi-Fi needs” says Raphael Vallazza, CEO of Endian.

Open spaces, as well as shopping malls and retail chains are the ideal proving ground to offer a more complete service, than plain Internet connection. An interesting and cost effective tool for customer retention that Cloud4Wi integration with Endian Hotspot can provide.

Andrea Calcagno, CEO of Cloud4Wi tells us more: “Our product is meant to manage Internet connection in public areas. Cloud4Wi’s cloud platform allows venues to monetize their Wi-Fi services through the first Wi-Fi marketplace. Benefits of the marketplace to venues are multiple – they can promote special offers to customers via the branded splash portal, provide easy-to-use applications to help customers enjoy their visits, utilize powerful marketing tools to retain and develop their customer bases, capture customer data via sophisticated analytics tools and spread their brand thanks to social Wi-Fi. Endian is an added value toCloud4Wi: an outstanding appliance that integrates a complete IT security suite as well as a state-of-the art solution for end users registration and management of the corporate, private hotspot.

Cloud4Wi service will be soon available as optional module to Endian appliances.