Moving Quickly into the Digital Age by using the Endian Proof of Concept Kit

The company J.A. Becker & Söhne based in Erlenbach (Germany) near Heilbronn was founded in 1897 and in the course of its company history has developed into an internationally renowned manufacturer of compressors in the medium- and high-pressure range. By using the Proof of Concept Kit (POC Kit) from Endian, they were able to quickly and easily transition their company readiness for the digital transformation.

J.A. Becker & Söhne is a medium-sized German company, that always prioritizes quality and safety. In their old model, a technician travels regularly to the customer’s location to service the compressors. For the international customers, trained service partners assume this regular maintenance role. In case of an issue between the service visits, there is a service hotline at the customers disposal, that is able to solve most of the failures. In cases where the hotline cannot solve the problem remotely, a service technician is sent to the customer. With customers all over the world (including China), this support option is quite time-consuming and very expensive.

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The NEW Endian UTM Mercury 50 WiFi

The Ultimate SMB Network Security Appliance is Here

From July 15 2019 one of our best selling models, the Endian UTM Mercury 50, will be available with integrated 802.11ac WiFi to provide the fastest and most powerful all-in-one SMB security gateway.

Choose this powerful security appliance for your mid-size networks to provide your users with network management and protection. In addition you can create multiple wireless networks to support any requirements for public and private wireless access with support for the latest security standards (WPA2 Personal/Enterprise).
Turn on the Endian Hotspot feature to enable a powerful captive portal solution for your WiFi guests providing convenient and secure BYOD network access.


READ THE WHITEPAPER: Endian UTM Mercury 50 WiFi controlled internet access for guests, visitors and contractors.

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Hannover Messe 2019
7 Steps to Industry 4.0

How can industrial companies implement the concept of Industry 4.0
without putting IT security at risk?

Companies must take advantage of the potential of Industry 4.0 as soon as possible in order to achieve or maintain a leading position in the global competition. Most companies have already recognized this need. However, in practice the digitization process still presents many challenges to industrial enterprises. Most companies have privacy concerns. And there is a good reason for this: According to a survey of the German IT industry association Bitkom in 2017, 7 out of 10 industrial companies have been victims of sabotage, data theft or industrial espionage in the past two years. The degree of network integration within the industrial companies is usually very high. As a consequence, if a connected machine was infected with malware, it could quickly spread to all other systems and cause tremendous damage.

Another reason for the slow implementation of industry 4.0 are the long life cycles of machines. While an IT system is replaced after about four years, industrial machines have a lifetime of twenty years or more. Industrial companies are therefore today faced with very diverse array of machinery. Many machines still in use today have no IP, because they were developed at a time when nobody was thinking about Industry 4.0. Others are equipped with the necessary interfaces for networking within the company. How should companies act to intelligently connect their machines, employees, and applications without compromising IT security?

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The new Endian UTM 5.1 release

The Endian UTM platform becomes more powerful with a Docker environment and even easier to use with Plug & Connect capability and many other features.


Endian UTM 5.1 will be available starting December 5, 2018. This new release takes the most secure and easy to use UTM platform to another level in large part by leveraging innovations developed in other Endian product lines and solutions.

Diego Gagliardo, COO of Endian, explains that “UTM version 5.1 comes with important improvements and innovations which could change the way we think of the UTM product category. We wanted to add to our UTM some unconventional features, inspired by the rapid changes that we are experiencing from our research and product development in other markets (such as the industry 4.0), starting from the simplicity of use. In our roadmap the most innovative features are expected to be deployed across all our product lines which is what happened here with the Plug & Connect technology.”

This version release is delivered as an update to current Endian devices and does not require an upgrade (or “switch channel”). This release brings 72 new packages that include upgraded support and compatibility for latest generation 3G and 4G modems; upgrade of the IPS and IDS modules, and a general improvement in certificates management.

There are three main innovations in 5.1 including: a new nDPI (Application Control), Plug & Connect (called EasyVPN), and the introduction of Docker environment, which allows users to install third party applications within Endian UTM.

The new Application Firewall has been written from scratch to build a more efficient and stable architecture. As an example, the Skype detection rate increased from 62% to 94% and additionally there were even greater improvements in accurately detecting YouTube and Netflix.

The Plug & Connect feature, which originated on the Connect Platform (Switchboard & 4i) has now arrived on the UTM platform.  This technology allows administrators to quickly and securely configure gateway-to-gateway (or Net2Net) VPN connections between UTM devices.

Last but not least, the Docker environment arrives for the first time in a UTM product! This feature provides the possibility of hosting third-party applications and microservices within (or “inside”) the UTM. Using this technology, Endian is ready to cooperate with all the companies that will participate in a new, upcoming partnership program.

In addition to the obvious convenience of having more applications in the same ecosystem, the solution allows you to bring these applications under the secure “umbrella” of the UTM. This can provide a variety of benefits to both our UTM users and potentially open up new business opportunities for our channel.  For example with large and complex organizations, the Docker environment would allow them to centrally distribute micro-services and applications to run directly on the Endian gateways.

Endian UTM 5.1 will be released on December 5, 2018.

 The Simplest and Most Secure UTM Available

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Start collecting your data from your machines in just a few weeks.

The IoT digital transformation is underway and we believe the Endian Connect & Analyze Platform is a key component to a successful transformation. We also know that this process can be part of a large and long-running project. So we’ve created a quick and easy solution to help jumpstart your IoT digitalization projects with our PoC (Proof of Concept) program.

Endian PoC Platform

The Endian PoC platform makes it easy to (a) collect and (b) analyze your IoT data from your field devices. The majority of the platform is securely hosted by Endian in our safe, secure, reliable cloud infrastructure.

 Are you ready for the Digital Transformation?
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Endian Firewall Community 3.3 released

The Endian Team is proud to announce the new
Endian Firewall Community release.

The latest release brings to our popular open source firewall many features: together with a new kernel that boosts performances and security, EFW 3.3 comes with an improved certificate management and Let’s Encrypt integration. You also get the possibility to remove kernel modules bundled within the system.

Download Endian Firewall Community 3.3

Here are other key features

Core Backup
bullet_green CORE-2608 Improvement: Add an option to GUI setting for the Management GUI HTTPS certificate

Core Hardware support
bullet_green CORE-2783 Improvement: Add kernel module rndis_host for LTE modem

Core Kernel
bullet_green CORE-2331 Improvement: Upgrade to kernel 4.4
bullet_green CORE-2777 Improvement: Add possiblity to remove SIP netfilter kernel modules

Core Network configuration
bullet_green CORE-2569 Bug: Support driverless 4G USB dongle
bullet_green CORE-2765 Bug: Add support for driverless 4G usb modems to products

UTM Certificate Management
bullet_green UTM-2013 Task: Sign certificates with Let’s Encrypt

No need to say, this new image includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes as well.
For more details, please see the changelog.

Happy installing!
Your Endian Team

Our first webinar about Endian Management Center: get a preview of features and offers

From now on you can manage all your Endian installations in a more powerful way with our new Management Center:
it is the Endian Connect complement, adding true centralized management capabilities to fully control your Endian ecosystem.

Just configure once, and deploy everywhere.


Using device profiles, administrators can create a template of a configuration which can then be assigned to any device to replicate (with a simple “copy and paste” function”). You can also see your network in Real-Time with the live map feature, which is especially valuable within the Endian Management Center by providing a visual representation of your Endian global deployment.

Don’t miss our launch webinar: we will provide a complete overview of all Endian Management Center’s features and some special offers related to the launch.

Sign up now for the webinar scheduled on Thursday, April 19, 2018
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CDT | 16:00 PM- 17:00 PM CEST
For those who could not follow the webinar, their complete registration is available here

New Management Center is here: centrally manage all your appliances

Endian Management Center – Configure Once. Deploy Everywhere.

Centrally manage all your Endian appliances. Reduce administrator management time and effort and save valuable staff resources with centralized management made easy with Endian Management Center (EMC).

NEWS_infoEndian Management Center – Discover all the features

Endian Firewall Community 3.2.5 now available!

The Endian Team is proud to announce an updated image for the 3.2 release.

Check out the new release today by downloading the latest iso image. If you already have an installed community with at least a 3.2.0beta1 version you could just register and run the updates.

Get FREE updates for your Community!
The registration procedure is much easier now: follow the initial wizard and just with an e-mail address you can keep the system updated. Don’t forget to give us a feedback or report the bugs to JIRA.

Here’s a short list of changes compared to the latest version:

bullet_green Improvement UTM-1722 Add option for load custom TLS ciphers
bullet_green Improvement CORE-2143 Add CLI notification when a reboot is required
bullet_green Bug UTM-1813 OpenVPN job does not start after reboot
bullet_green Bug CORE-1416 Snort doesn’t work when HTTP proxy is ON
bullet_green Bug UTM-270 Squid terminates with an error if an entire domain and its subdomains are used in the same access policy

No need to say, this new image includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes as well.
For more details, please see the changelog.

Happy installing!
Your Endian Team

Are you up to date with GDPR?
Discover what it is and how we can help you

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): what it is

GDPR is a European Regulation that, starting from May the 25th 2018, will rule data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens’ data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.

To whom it is adressed

GDPR is addressed to all Companies and Entities that collect European citizens personal data.

What if my company is based outside UE?

It is also addressed to societies, companies, firms and bodies of extra EU Countries that deal with EU citizens’ data privacy.

I have to deal with it even if my servers are located outside UE


What do we mean for “Personal Data”?

According to European Commission “personal data is meant as any information of an individual, related to his life either private, professional or public. It can be about everything: names, pictures, email addresses, bank details, website and social network’s activities, medical information or IP PC addresses”.

An overview of the main changes under GPDR and how they differ from the previous directive

  • The conditions for consent have been strengthened: consent must be clear and distinguishable and easily acces- sible form, using clear and plain language. It must be as easy to withdraw consent, as it is to give it
  • Wider Data Subject Rights, that expects:
    • Right to access data free of charge
    • Right to be Forgotten (also known as Data Erasure, the right to be forgotten entitles the data subject to have the data controller erase his/her personal data and cease further dissemination of the data
    • Right to edit data from the user side
  • Breach Notification will become mandatory and the owner of the data must be informed within 72 hours of first having become aware of the breach.
  • Impossibility to transfer data outside of EU Economic Territory without an explicit consent, unless specific conditions get applied.
  • Data Protection Officers. Each Public Entity, as well as Companies managing big size databases, must have a DPO (Data Protection Of- ficer) responsible of Data protection. It can be an internal or external figure.
  • Under GDPR, organizations in breach of GDPR can be fined up to €20 Million sanction, or 4% of annual global revenue.
  • Analysis of specific risks.Throughout the GDPR, organizations that control the processing of personal data are encouraged to implement protective measures corresponding to the level of risk
of their data processing activities. Although the GDPR is silent on how organizations should assess and quantify risk, certain trends emerge from the sections where risk does appear that will guide organizations in implementing a risk-based approach.
  • Proportionality of obligations, which are now more modu- lated to adapt to the size of the owner and to the danger- ousness of the treatment.

How can we help you? From A to Z.

The aim of the GDPR is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world: it is clearly required to adopt the best available technologies to defend and secure its own network.

It is then needed to adopt solutions able to protect data from the beginning of the transmission, that set network administrators aware of potential risks and that promptly react to threats. Endian feature-suite is a complete solution including all the needed tools to allow you to prevent, protect and control.

Encrypted tunnel (VPN) to set your sensitive data transmission safe

Endian includes in all its products advanced systems of transmission data’s encryption, with different layers of simplified management, that al- lows to organize users and objects in an easy way, minimizing the risk of human error. In order to have a constant control of what happens in your network, as requested from GDPR, the first rule is to know who has access to different resources and be able to identify when he did it. Thanks to Endian Connect Platform, you can authorize and remove permissions in a granular but simple way, even in worldwide spread networks.

Real Time Network visualization

Do you know what is happening in your network right now? Are you aware of which applications your users are running? If not so, your Company productivity could be under risk and you would not be respecting new GDPR rules. Our solution allows you to have real time control on your network traffic, on an intuitive dashboard, and to store your data. The package also features a wide web reporting, email, security and much more that can be configured according selected parameters.

Controlling and real time reaction (IPS, Web and Mail Security)

Thanks to our Advanced Content Security Package, now included in all Endian products as a default feature, you can protect your co-workers from web and mail threats as virus, malware, phishing and spam, by exploiting cloud zero-day power with high performance engines. Intrusion Prevention System, deep-packet inspection and content altering, with more than 200 categories constantly updated. The best technologies available on market for an active protection.

Wi-Fi and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Protection and monitoring have to be extended also to your guests and external co-operators, to respect the GDPR. Offer your visitors and guests to surf the web without compromising your network security: Endian UTM solutions provide guest-access management and allow you to create rules and apply filters for them, on a dedicated and separated physical network.

You can download our whitepaper here.