Asgard Cloud Services Inks Partnership with Endian

Asgard Cloud Services Inks Partnership with Endian

Top Tier Security Cloud Provider Adds Unified Threat Management to Arsenal

New York, NY (PR Agency) January 7, 2015 – Asgard Cloud Services, a U.S. based distributor of private cloud services has announced a partnership with Endian, a leading global developer of enterprise and commercial Unified Threat Management solutions.

Asgard, says the partnership further strengthens its cloud security by including Endian’s flagship Unified Threat Management product into its core offering under the name EverGuard.

“Asgard’s architecture was designed to be completely hardware agnostic with the sole intention of creating the most secure cloud infrastructure to be offered as a service in the market place today,” said Trent Henson Asgard CIO.  “Some of the most at risk sectors of our economy are currently being overlooked and pose an enormous liability for both their customer’s data and their business longevity.  Endian’s complete Unified Threat Management platform allows us to effectively address that imminent need.”

Ben Silverstein, Endian North America CEO said, “With the enormous growth of security and cloud computing, we believe our Endian Unified Threat Management products offer a unique combination of comprehensive network security with unparalleled ease of use through our intuitive web-based interface.  Asgard’s ability to quickly and securely pair a virtual Unified Threat Management in their dedicated private cloud to a physical Endian Unified Threat Management on location can provide a seamless link between a business and their cloud resources enabling unprecedented efficiency and scalability for any size business.”

Asgard’s existing channel base is reacting positively to the partnership because it may now include world class Unified Threat Management for customers who have already become accustomed to Asgard’s 100% uptime guarantee and dedicated private cloud infrastructure.  Asgard strengthens businesses IT security and performance by providing a suite of hosted services protected by end-to-end Unified Threat Management at prices previously affordable only to companies with huge IT budgets.

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