Know What’s Happening on Your Network in Real-Time: Endian Event Management

Endian is pleased to announce an all new update to the event notification and management feature of the Endian UTM and 4i platform. 

The event notification engine was completely rewritten from the ground up to provide more advanced features and all new notification capabilities. Now you can keep track of things like IPsec and SSL VPN user activity (login/logout), errors and much more.  In addition, we’ve added multiple notification options that include the ability to be notified via email or SMS* or even have the system run a custom script upon an event occurring.  This custom script capability provides for a whole new world of notification opportunities. For example, one could send custom data from the Endian event to a central monitoring station using an API.  In the industrial market, the custom scripts could be used to connect network-based events to real physical equipment actions.  The best part is that this new module is available today as an update to all Endian appliances (version 2.5 or newer) with a valid maintenance package.

*In order to use SMS to send notifications, you must purchase an SMS bundle.  Please contact your local Endian partner to learn more or get pricing.