Endian UTM 3.0: Realtime Unified Threat Management

See what happens in your network live

The next Endian UTM release is now available

“When it comes to monitoring the business network, analysis should be done in real-time in order to get the most accurate and effective results to correct preventable issues before they escalate.” — Raphael Vallazza, CEO of Endian.

Endian UTM 3.0 release includes the all new Live Network Monitoring and Reporting module which provides real-time graphs, charts and other network visualizations for all the UTM features. This functionality is powered by ntopng, a software able to monitor and visualize network activities in real-time while also generating detailed reporting. In addition, the Endian UTM 3.0 release includes an Application Controlmodule, based on nDPI (ntop’s Deep Packet Inspection library), which recognizes and filters application-layer traffic for protocols like Facebook, Skype, Spotify, Dropbox and much more.  Finally, Endian UTM 3.0 also hasNext Generation VPN, that enables very fast and highly scalable connections, while managing granular access permissions to the network.

The addition of these three core features: Application Control, Live Network  Monitoring  and Reportingand Next Generation VPN place the Endian platform into the category of Next Generation FirewallRaphael Vallazza says: “By looking at the Next Generation Firewall market we realized that live network examination is the real technical revolution. During 2013 we worked hard to develop a brand new solution, conceptually different and better than what is available on the market.  We also turned our effort to the empowerment of all the existing features as well as trying to make each one better and more useful to customers.”

This new path that Endian has started will be completed during 2014. This will include the addition of a new,high-performing hardware that will let entry level appliances more efficiently support all the new features that will be coming to the product line.