5 Safety Rules for Halloween (Related to Network Security of course)

Halloween seems to turn even the most intelligent of individuals into, well let’s call it more „emotionally driven“ beings, and I’m not just talking about choice of costume. Safety is critical to having an enjoyable experience, so here’s 5 rules to practice (with 5 corresponding network safety tips as well) 

1. Don’t eat unwrapped candy = Don’t use foreign thumb drives
– One bad piece of candy will cause havoc!
– One bad flash drive with malware can infect an entire network!

2. Travel in Groups = Layered Defense strategy
– Attack is less likely when there is a bigger defense
– Hackers prefer easy targets

3. Examine candy for tampering = Scan all downloads for viruses
– Even the most innocent candy can be dangerous
– Malicious payloads can be packaged and hidden in any program

4. Only travel on side walks = Don’t visit suspicious websites
– Vehicles are a prime offender for holiday accidents
– Computers can be infected from hidden executables on websites

5. Never accept rides from strangers = Implement a SPAM solution
– Kidnapping requires persuasion
– SPAM email is only effective because of human gullibility (phishing)