Meet the new Mini 10 UTM Series. Built for SOHO and Small Business.

Endian is proud to announce the new Mini 10 series hardware models that extend the reach of it’s product lineup into the SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) and small business market.  The new product offers the same powerful yet easy-to-use suite of network security features in a smaller device.  The new product is available with a WiFi upgrade (option) to provide integrated wireless access and security features.

The strong performance and cost-effective hardware are ideally suited for large projects and OEM opportunities as well.  The Mini 10 comes complete with centralized remote access (via Endian Network) and of course is fully compatible with the Endian Connect Switchboard platform for projects that require granular remote access and/or expanded VPN capabilities.

The new Mini 10 series is the most affordable and powerful hardware you can buy to connect and secure SOHO and SMB networks.