Endian UTM Mini10 is just perfect? Endian UTM Mini 25 is even better.

As we strive to support the business of Small-Medium companies, we are happy to launch this new Promo through April 30 2020:
The entire UTM 25-users product line goes at the price of the UTM 10-users!

Endian UTM Mini 25, Endian UTM Mini 25 WiFi (and respective Software/Virtual 25 Users version) is the ideal entry-level solution for Small Business network security.
The wide feature set is enriched with Hotspot module for advanced wireless network management: an easy and reliable tool that your customers cannot miss!

Endian UTM Mini10 is perfect? Today at the same price you can have UTM Mini 25, an even more performing appliance that will enhance the quality of your business services.

Read all Terms & Conditions here below and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.
Endian Team


  • Validity from 31/03/2020 to 30/04/2020 (two months) or subject to availability
  • Not valid for Maintenance: UTM Mini 25 subscription will follow standard pricing
  • Software and Virtual renewals for licenses purchased under Promo conditions will follow 25-user SKU and pricing.
  • Not to be combined with other ongoing Promos, Sales Programs or Special Prices.