Endian Kick-Off 2021 Promotion

In the current scenario where working habits and communication have been hardly challenged, cybersecurity still plays a central role for securing infrastructures and digital processes.
Endian keeps on supporting small-medium businesses now launching an unbeatable Promo-Pack over our best-seller products.

From Jan 18 2021 through March 12 2021 you can take advantage of the following Kick-Off 2021 Promo:

  • New Maintenance Activation:
  • Maintenance Renewal:
    • Bonus up to 6 months on expired period on all UTM & HOTSPOT models.

Don’t give up on security for networks, people and things: choose Endian products!


  • Eligible products: New Maintenance activations: UTM Mini10, Mercury50, Mercury100; Maintenance renewals: all UTM & Hotspot products
  • Validity: from Jan 18 2021 to March 12 2021
  • Discount is applied on end user pricelist
  • Not valid on EDUGOV Price list
  • Not to be combined with other ongoing sales programs or special pricing (i.e. High Availability, Trade In/Trade Up or projects).