Getting help with EFW Community version

Endian provides several “community driven” solutions to solve any problems you may encounter with the EFW Community Version. This means, the support is free but depends solely on the good will of other people in the Open Source Community to help you.

Message From Endian: “We ask for your understanding that Endian is unable to provide professional support for our free-to-use Community product. We are happy to direct you to a collection of unofficial resources, however, if you require additional real-time and/or professional support you should consider our fully-supported Professional version.”

How to choose the appropriate support

In order to promptly find the solution of your problem, follow these steps:

How to ask

If submitting a question to the mailing list, bear in mind that you are relying on the good-will of other community users and not official Endian staff. They are under no obligation to respond to your request, nor does Endian validate support responses.
As a matter of professional courtesy, please exercise decorum when requesting community-supported assistance. We recommend you supply the following:

  • Describe the issue in detail. (“It does not work” is not a sufficient description)
  • What changes (if any) were made that may have caused the incident?
  • Provide your exact hardware specifications.
  • What steps did you take to troubleshoot the issue on your own?
  • Which version of Endian CE are you running?
  • Any other info you can provide: log files, outputs generated, etc.

Access our full Endian documentation!

Some features described within the reference manual are not available to the free-to-use Community Version. For a full list of the differences click here:

Endian FAQs

  1. If I have a problem with Endian appliance, how do I get support?
    • First, in order to get support you must have a current (valid) active maintenance subscription on your Endian appliance.  Next, you should contact your local Endian partner from whom you initially purchased your Endian appliance. To learn more, please read more about our support process.
  2. I am interested in selling and supporting Endian, how do I become a partner?
  3. How do I learn about all Endian products and get pricing information?
    • To learn more about all of our solutions, please start by visiting our product page and you can get more details for each product line.  To get pricing information, please fill out this short sales inquiry form or contact your local Endian sales office.
  4. How can I test-drive or get a demo of Endian products?
    • First, you should check out the appropriate online demo (see below) to get a feel for the Endian features and easy web interface.  If you want a deeper test drive, contact your local Endian sales office to request a demo appliance you can run in your own environment (hardware, software and virtual demo programs are available).
    • Endian UTM/Hotspot Online Demo
  5. Where can I find more information about Endian (beyond the documentation)?

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Getting help with EFW Community version

Just check out the EFW Community Support Forums. Thanks to all to the creators of these sites, we really appreciate your support!

Auf der deutschen inoffiziellen Seite für die Endian Community Firewall kurz EFW….http://www.efw-forum.dedeutsch
Welcome to the Endian Firewall unofficial Support Forum…http://efwsupport.comenglish
Eduardo Jonck – bem vindo ao Fórum Endian Firewallês
Comunidade Brasileira de Endian Firewallês
efw – endian italian