9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

Over the last several months we’ve started seeing an upward shift in the overall cost of data tiers from cell providers (At&T, Verizon, Sprint, TMobile) and as a consequence, consumers are downgrading their plans, monitoring their usage more closely or doing both! This trend will create new opportunities for businesses to monetize their wireless guest Internet access, especially for those that have the right solution and strategy!

In the minds of consumers, WiFi has become a de facto amenity which has lead to the creation of articles like, “Why Nobody Smart Charges For WiFi“. But the truth is, if you aren’t able to position the WiFi to your company’s advantage, then it’s simply a COST to your bottom line and you might feel compelled to charge for it. And you can! Sort of.

Here’s 9 ways a HotSpot can help your company generate revenue. 

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

1) Premium Access: Paying for WiFi is a thing of the past right? Well yes, but business travelers may be inclined to pay a small fee for premium (High Speed/High Consumption) Internet access [for video conferencing needs e.g.] as many have company expense accounts for “business-related” services.

Or perhaps you want to incentivize clients to sign up for your company’s newsletter, or connect to your business page on social networking, etc. Even further, maybe you offer a subscription that provides guests with Premium Internet connectivity when they are on location (Like Marriot rewards). Being able to create “classes” of users on your Hotspot gives your company flexibility with how it can deliver this important service!

Endian’s HotSpot allows businesses to create guest profiles that can be based on time, bandwidth (speed) or usage (consumption)

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

2) Email list subscription: Being able to grow repeat business is most assuredly a tangible sales benefit. This is why services like Constant Contact are so popular, helping companies gain mindshare to decrease the sales lifecycle (time between purchases) and increase sales probability. Email subscribers are more informed about your products / services / specials / etc. so it stands to reason that trading WiFi access for an Opt-in to a subscription will certainly expand revenue opportunities! 

With Endian’s fully customizable registration form, businesses can collect client info for creating opt-in email campaigns!

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

3) Social Network Connection: Companies that want to develop deeper relationships with their clients are connecting with them on social networking.

As a less formal medium, these platforms allow businesses to “humanize” themselves and even become thought leaders in their respective industries. And since time spent on social networking sites continues to grow each year, you’ll have many opportunities to do so! Check out the below infographic courtesy of GlobalWebIndex that illustrates this point.

With Endian’s new Social Login feature, you can quickly exchange access to your WiFi for a Social Media connect!

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

4) Offer a Coupon: Retail sales wax and wane and are vulnerable to seasonality. A great way to influence buying decisions is to offer an in-store coupon. By providing an immediate financial incentive, your clients are more likely to either buy when they otherwise would not have or upgrade the size of their intended purchase.

If you prefer not to offer a coupon, you can also use the allocated space to promote a new product/service or call attention to an existing sale! In either case, your clients are happier which is always a good thing!

Endian’s HotSpot allows you to present a coupon [or other graphic] when the customer logs in.


9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

5) Advertising Local Businesses: There are businesses that believe they will not benefit from any of the above HotSpot monetizing methods, but we’re not done with you yet! For those companies that receive strong foot traffic, you can sell your neighboring businesses advertising space that will be seen by anyone joining your HotSpot! This works really well in shopping centers where customers can walk right over. That’s the classic “Win, Win, Win” situation! You may even be able to subsidize the cost of bandwidth with your advertising revenue, or if traffic is high enough, make a profit!

In addition to offering a coupon, Endian also allows videos to be presented to the user after a successful log-in.


9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

6) Increase website visibility & SEO: One critical element for Search Engine Optimization is viewership. If your business sees a lot of visitors a day, then having them hit your webpage will definitely impact your page rankings over time!

“The best place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of a Google search.”

Each business values web viewership a bit differently, but no company ever complains about being on the first page of Google for key search terms. It increases brand awareness and opportunities for online sales.

Endian HotSpot allows businesses to define the landing page users hit immediately after logging on.

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

7) Streamline business (efficiency): So maybe none of the above are your “cup of tea”. No problem, your HotSpot can help you improve the operating efficiency by streamlining the sign-in process. Being able to securely request specific client data allows clients/patients/etc. to more quickly check-in and get processed. With more efficiency, you can process more clients which means…you got it, more money!

Endian can securely redirect your clients to your patient information form and eliminate the paperwork! #GreenFriendly

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

8) Increase Client Stay: Similar to offering a spend-incentive, some establishments are looking to keep their patrons around as long as possible to increase sales (think pubs/malls).  The longer a client stays in these type of businesses, the more they are buying!  A WiFi is great for that, especially when inebriated and needing Wikipedia to settle an argument.

Not only does having WiFi keep people around longer, but since 70% of consumers report to using their mobile devices to compare pricing, businesses can offer price matching to capture revenue potentially earmarked for the competition!

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

9) Advertise FREE HIGH SPEED WIFI: Consumer experience not only drives online reviews, but also repeat business. And having a sticker in your window that reads FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET is probably more important to buyers than, “A member of the Better Business Bureau” accreditation these days.

Check out Endian’s Hospitality Relies on Hotspot Infographic Here!

It’s incumbent upon businesses to expand its advantages as well as its revenue streams. Using a fully customizable captive portal HotSpot helps achieve both!

To learn more about how Endian’s HotSpot can help turn your network into a Money-making Machine, contact us at sales@endian.com.