The Immediate ROI of a Hotspot

The Immediate ROI of a Hotspot

With online purchases increasing by orders of magnitude over the last decade, companies have become increasingly interested in providing value-added services and incentives to both retain and grow client relationships.  Ironically, the act of “physically walking into a store” has become […]

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9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

9 Ways to Generate Revenue with a Hotspot

Over the last several months we’ve started seeing an upward shift in the overall cost of data tiers from cell providers (At&T, Verizon, Sprint, TMobile) and as a consequence, consumers are downgrading their plans, monitoring their usage more closely or doing […]

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Endian Smart City IoT and BYOD


When I began my career in the tech industry, one of the first things I noticed was the unique linguistics. IPv6, Big Data, Cloud Computing and a laundry list of nebulous concepts (pun intended) that mean very little to “normal” […]

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Endian: There’s no such thing as free wifi

There’s No Such Thing As Free WiFi

The principle, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” was popularized by economist Milton Friedman to describe the opportunity cost that must be relinquished for the “free goods/services” a person receives in exchange. Thus, it isn’t free, obvious enough. But […]

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Endian: Hospitality relies on Hotspot

Hospitality Relies on Hotspot

What is the true cost of offering a quality wireless guest Internet access? More importantly, what is the cost of not offering it?  In this doc, we dive deeper into how expectation of Internet access plays a key role in […]

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Endian: 5 Safety Rules for Halloween

5 Safety Rules for Halloween (Related to Network Security of course)

Halloween seems to turn even the most intelligent of individuals into, well let’s call it more “emotionally driven” beings, and I’m not just talking about choice of costume. Safety is critical to having an enjoyable experience, so here’s 5 rules to […]

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Zombie Training for Halloween

It’s Halloween time and I run into the same problem every year, I can’t predict how much candy to buy! Either I run out before the street lights turn on, or I have a bucket-full left over (which I then […]

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Think Like A Hacker

When you really think about it, the amount of sensitive data that organizations are responsible for protecting is enormous. Not just company trade secrets, but client data, employee data and now even vendor data! PCI compliance aims to drag businesses […]

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Endian Two Factor Authentication

Why You’ll Re-evaluate Your Network Access Immediately After Reading This

Imagine you’re in Medieval times, looking up at a castle you’re charged to protect . Your goal as the Right Hand of the King and Head of Security, is to make recommendations regarding potential vulnerabilities of the kingdom and assess where to apply […]

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Good, Fast & Cheap (“Pick Any 2”): The Iron Triangle of Product Development

Learning about the The Iron Triangle (also referred to as Triple Constraint) was a bit of an eye-opener for me. It’s derivative of a design principle that you can prioritize any (and only) 2 of the following 3 results at the expense of the […]

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