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The Endian Connect Platform is the only open, end-to-end IOT platform to provide secure remote connectivity between people, things, processes (infrastructure) and networks. Our solution is built to scale from very small projects to very large, global deployments with thousands or even millions of things connected.

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Seeing is Believing

The future of IoT security and connectivity is available now

See the Endian Connect Platform in Action

Endian is ready to deliver the complete IoT solution that other vendors have only been promising. The Endian Connect Platform is the simplest and most secure platform for connecting your uses and devices.

The Endian Connect Platform is the only open, end-to-end platform to provide secure remote connectivity between people, things, processes (infrastructure) and networks. Our solution is built to scale from very small projects to very large, global deployments with thousands or even millions of things connected. We offer the most amount of options in terms of platform components which gives your business the flexibility to find the perfect solution for any project.

The Connect Platform also comes with a ton of unique features that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. Use our Dashboard with Live Maps feature to visualize, monitor and connect to your devices like never before. Get your remote devices connected in under a minute using our Plug & Connect feature which enabled rapid, centralized deployments over the Internet. Use the Connect Web client from any platform including mobile to allow your employees and guests to get connected quickly and easily from anywhere in the world. Find out more about all this and much more by using the links below.

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See the Endian Connect Platform in Action

Meet the new Mini 10 UTM Series. Built for SOHO and Small Business.


Endian is proud to announce the new Mini 10 series hardware models that extend the reach of it’s product lineup into the SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) and small business market.  The new product offers the same powerful yet easy-to-use suite of network security features in a smaller device.  The new product is available with a WiFi upgrade (option) to provide integrated wireless access and security features.

The strong performance and cost-effective hardware are ideally suited for large projects and OEM opportunities as well.  The Mini 10 comes complete with centralized remote access (via Endian Network) and of course is fully compatible with the Endian Connect Switchboard platform for projects that require granular remote access and/or expanded VPN capabilities.

The new Mini 10 series is the most affordable and powerful hardware you can buy to connect and secure SOHO and SMB networks.

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The new 5.0 release: improved performance, reliability and flexibility thanks to EndianOS


The new 5.0 release is based on EndianOS and results in better performance, higher stability and more flexibility for all Endian security gateways. The impressive performance gain for some of the models is illustrated below:

All last generation Endian security gateways with a valid maintenance can be upgraded to the 5.0 release from Endian Network: one more good reason to extend your expiring maintenances.


Endian Hotspot, the ideal solution for the hospitality industry

86% of travelers around the world believe that a well-working WiFi connection is essential for accommodation facilities.

We thoroughly analyzed the requirements of hotels, campsites and holiday resorts and are able to propose a tailored Hotspot solution for each of these environments that not only meets the needs but also offers substantial advantages to the businesses.

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SurfNow with Endian Hotspot


Today, accessing the Internet with Endian Hotspot is even easier and more intuitive, thanks to the new SurfNow button. Now guests and customers can connect to the Internet directly from your website, or from any other site of your choice.


Transform your hotspot’s homepage into a showcase! Use it to give your business more visibility and to promote your services and activities. With just a couple of clicks the users can surf the Internet safely: they just need to authenticate via email, SMS or through their Facebook or Google accounts. No more queues at the reception due to uncomfortable Internet access operations. Just SurfNow with Endian Hotspot!

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Endian at SIA Guest 2016


Endian awaits you on 13-15th October at the SIA Guest international exhibition in Rimini. We will talk about secure and easy Internet access, WiFi Hotspot and social features for the hospitality segment.

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Five stars for the Endian Hotspot


In the hospitality industry, wireless Internet is rapidly becoming a required amenity by visitors so they can stay connected to their work, friends and family.  Discover how Endian Hotspot has helped a renowned 5 star hotel to make the customers happy and increase its popularity.

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Endian Success Story: Forever Oceans


Forever Oceans, the most sophisticated approach to aqua farms

Founded by combining advanced technology from renowned Department of Defense organization, Lockheed Martin, and leading biology from Hawaii based aquaculture research company, Kampachi Farms, Forever Oceans provides end-to-end solutions for growing high quality fish offshore.

Forever Oceans uses Endian products to secure their communications channels between on-shore operators and offshore operations. The Endian devices ensure that data streams are safe such that the system cannot be accessed with unauthorized commands and operational data cannot be intercepted by unauthorized parties

Learn more about Endian and Forever Oceans success story

NL_forever-oceans_logo“Endian has been a key partner in delivering efficient and secure communications offshore.”

– Frank Bachinsky –

How to Get (More) Money out of Your Hotspot

Endian Hotspot social features can really help your business.
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