Endian Maintenance ensures that your security device is as up-to-date as possible. Endian Maintenance includes services like antivirus, intrusion detection signatures, and URL blacklists (content filtering). Just as importantly, Endian maintenance covers also all security updates and functionality upgrades so that you can keep the devices protecting your network safe from security vulnerabilities and modern day threads.

What is Endian Maintenance

Endian Maintenance is a yearly subscription associated to any Endian product that provides constant updates, upgrades and technical support on it.

What’s Included with Endian Maintenance?

  • Endian Network: The Endian Network is a centralized portal to monitor and manage all of your Endian UTM devices. If one of your Endian UTM devices has hardware or software service issues, Endian Network will alert you so you can react fast
    and mitigate issues before they cause significant problems. A great tool for Endian resellers as well since it also allows you to completely manage user administration and determine Endian Network access you (as a reseller) provide to your customers.
  • Endian Updates: Keep your Endian UTM devices as up-to-date as possible to protect your networks and users from modern day threats. This includes all Endian UTM security services like antivirus, intrusion detection signatures, and URL blacklists (content filtering). Just as importantly, Endian maintenance includes all security updates to every Endian application so that you can keep the devices protecting your network safe from security vulnerabilities.
  • Endian Upgrades: Why is Endian the best open source UTM on the market? It’s simple, we’re always looking to make our product better and enhance the functionality of our software whether it’s through our own development or utilizing the power
    of the Endian (and open source) community! With Endian Maintenance, you get each and every upgrade and improvement we make to our product and Endian Network makes the deployment to your device(s) as simple as point-and-click.
  • Endian Support: Endian Support is comprised of the best partners who are devoted to supporting the rapidly growing number of Endian UTMs all over the world. We offer a broad selection of support options that range from a standard support package to our premium support services.


Maintenance Packages

Maintenance subscription is offered in packages of 1, 3 or 5 years at Standard, Advanced or Premium level: the above mentioned services are included in every Maintenance subscription, regardless the level.
Depending on your Maintenance (Standard Advanced or Premium) the Support service will be delivered with different response time. See details below.

  • Standard Maintenance is suited for organizations requiring a basic support service for small-medium networks with non-critical requirements. For first level support endusers shall contact their reference Partner; Resellers shall contact their Distributor. If the local Distributor is missing, the Partner may escalate his request to Endian Support Center and will receive technical assistance according to the SLA.
  • Advanced Maintenance is designed for companies that require a high priority level of support. This package includes quickreaction support service that guarantees the lowest downtime impact on your network in case of problems or hardware failure.
  • Premium Maintenance is required by organizations with mission-critical networks requiring a customized level of support. In addition to the services offered with the advanced maintenance package, it features lifelong hardware warranty extension and Hot Replacement, as well as support request top escalation in high priority. Additional and customized services might be also arranged.

Maintenance Services

Security Updates
Firmware Upgrades
Antivirus signatures
Content filter URL blacklist
Endian Network - Management portal    
Centralized updates
Remote access and system management
Support options    
Coverage 8x5 (see local office business hours)
Hardware warranty 1 year
High priority ticket processing -
Hardware warranty extension 3 years * -
Hot Replacement (RMA processing Next Business Day) ** -
(only on appliances
under warranty)
Lifelong Hardware warranty extension - -
Support Ticket Top Escalation - -
Customized services and Support SLA - - optional

* Only available with Maintenance Advanced 3 years and 5 years
** Immediate RMA processing upon request receipt. Replacement unit is shipped on next business day. RMA request must be submitted before 11: 00 am. Delivery time depends on FedEx service.
For Advanced Maintenance subscription the service is available only on appliances with valid hardware warranty.

Why should i renew the Maintenance?

Endian UTM solutions are designed to keep your network safe and secure but all of this needs constant development, improvements and updates: since IT world is always changing what makes a service safe and simple today could not do the same tomorrow.

Here you have some reasons why we strongly recommend you to keep your Maintenance subscription valid and up to date:

  • Security – Security is everything when we talk about a network, expecially if connected to the internet. Security updates such as antivirus signatures or blacklists are essential in order to keep your network safe and protected from malicious threats.
  • Functionality – All services must always be at the state of the art and compatible with computers and programs (browser, mail client, operative systems) rapidly evolving.
  • Being by law – In most countries there are laws forcing system administrators to keep the systems connected to the internet updated and protected from improper uses.


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